With manufacturing, medical, and technologically oriented businesses, Toledo is an important hub for Ohio’s economy. Vernick is privileged to work with numerous companies in the area, designing and installing modular cleanrooms, dry rooms, metrology labs, quality control laboratories, and more.

Our expertise and years of experience make us a Midwest leader in the field, and our commitment to customer service makes us a trusted partner for companies in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, and beyond.

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Toledo Cleanroom Experts

What Are Cleanrooms?

When contamination is a concern or a controlled environment is a must for your research, laboratory, or manufacturing process, let Vernick design a room tailored to your specifications. Ours is a collaborative process. We’ll work with you — and your engineers, if you like — to navigate an eight-step process that allows us to identify what type of room you need to meet your goals, and then deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solution possible.

The modular systems we specialize in can be configured to accommodate a range of applications and can be modified as the needs and industry requirements change. We also carry equipment and components for day-to-day operations. Air showers, airborne particle counters, and everything else major can be ordered right along with the room or acquired when the current model becomes obsolete.

Toledo Modular Cleanrooms

When Is an Environmental Room the Right Choice?

When you don’t need to be so concerned about the number of airborne particles, then an environmental room, or white room, may be the correct choice for you. If your primary issue is one of controlling the environment, enclosing machinery or equipment, or adhering to regulations governing safety and quality, an environmental room will suffice.

And if you need the space but not necessarily the restrictions, ask about our modular offices. Highly customizable, all of our rooms come pre-finished, so no painting is needed. Once installed, they are ready to go.

Clients tell us they appreciate our exceptional personal service, offered from the project’s inception to years after its completion. That has been a priority since Vernick was established in 1985.

Industries We Work With

Toledo has a wide range of industries, and over the years we’ve gained the experience needed to make your project our next success. From liquid crystal displays and precision coating to injection molding and aerospace, we have the answer to your production dilemmas. We can help you improve product yield, protect sensitive equipment, control processes, or impress clients. 

Need more information? Read Vernick’s FAQs, and then contact us at (216) 373-2330 to discuss your cleanroom design in Toledo or the surrounding areas of the Midwest. We look forward to working with you. 

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