6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Solution: Part 2

Portable rooms, like modular offices, are a quality way to add more space to your already tight office building, warehouse, or manufacturing area. In the last blog article, we discussed three reasons a modular office is an ideal solution for any business. Modular spaces can offer a temporary fix that is budget-friendly as well as quick and easy to set-up. Keep reading to find out why customers at Vernick & Associates are pleasantly surprised by these flexible and modern facilities. 4. Modern Amenities AvailableAre you wondering if a modular office can provide the same type of amenities a typical office space can? No need to wonder; the answer is yes! All of our modular office solutions include the following elements:CarpetWiringHVAC systemsRestroomsWe can easily customize the space to fit your specific space requirements.5. Ease of FlexibilityMaybe your company experiences an exceptionally busy time during certain parts of the year, or your shipping … Continued

6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Solution: Part 1

Modular offices are a valuable solution for additional work or business spaces. Whether you need another meeting space, storage for extra inventory, or your business is outgrowing its current building, Vernick & Associates can design and build a modular solution for your specific requirements. If your company has the following needs, take the time to give us a call today.1. Quick Set-UpWhen you need additional office space quickly, a portable modular office solution is your answer. In fact, they take much less time to construct than a traditional build. The team at Vernick can quickly set up a temporary space for a wide range of business or manufacturing applications. From office space to meeting rooms to storage areas, our modular offices are easy and simple for us to design and assemble. 2. Budget-FriendlyA portable modular office is a much less expensive alternative to a traditionally constructed addition. While prices do vary … Continued

Specific Modular Cleanrooms for a Variety of Applications

When trying to choose the best modular cleanroom for your company, it’s helpful to know the various options that are currently available. Of course, the experts at Vernick & Associates are trained in helping you build a controlled environment that best fits your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the specific types of modular cleanrooms we build for our clients in the Columbus, OH, area.  Positive-PressureA positive-pressure cleanroom is designed to protect the environment within the room itself. It creates internal air pressure that is greater than the pressure outside the cleanroom. in addition, it also reduces any particulates from leaking in through doors or unsealed areas of walls or ceilings. Positive pressure is created within the room by using:Ceiling-mounted, self-powered fan-filter units (FFUs).Hard walls made with solid plastic or steel.Soft walls made with curtains or flexible vinyl strips.Wall venting to exhaust cleanroom air.Negative-PressureDo you need to protect the outside … Continued

3 Modular Room Applications for the Manufacturing Industry

Adding space to a large manufacturing warehouse or factory can seem like an impossible task. But, with the modular office solutions from Vernick & Associates, we can design and build a customized space for your building in much less time than a traditional build would take. Maybe you need an office for the warehouse manager, a new break room for your employees, or a dedicated meeting room. While there are a number of reasons you may need additional space, consider the three viable applications below. 1. Computer Room EnclosureModular rooms are an optimal structure for a centralized computer storage area. This type of electronic equipment needs to be kept separate from any manufacturing processes on the factory floor. A modular room solution will keep sensitive computer equipment safe from dust, debris, humidity, gas, fluids, and any other material that can cause irreparable damage. 2. Supervisor’s OfficeA modular room system can provide a … Continued

4 Benefits of Our Softwall Cleanroom for Your Industry

Are you considering a softwall cleanroom for your Dayton facility or business? If so, Vernick & Associates is your go-to source for a custom-built cleanroom and controlled environmental space that will more than meet the needs of your industry. Keep reading to learn four ways your company will benefit from our softwall cleanroom construction process.

4 Components to Consider for a Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

In the pharmaceutical research and development industry, scientists, technicians, and other employees are exposed to possibly dangerous or hazardous elements on a daily basis. It’s important to keep the cleanroom environments they work in free from outside elements, in order to maintain an objective and pure environment for research and experimental purposes. At Vernick & Associates, we recommend the following cleanroom equipment and components for your pharmaceutical environment.

3 Strong Advantages of a Hardwall Cleanroom

Is your pharmaceutical company considering the addition of a strictly controlled cleanroom? Does your manufacturing business need the added advantage of a highly regulated, yet flexible, workspace? The professionals at Vernick & Associates have been creating hardwall cleanrooms for commercial establishments in the Columbus area since 1985. With our tried-and-true process, we can help you design a hardwall system that will offer you the three advantages listed below.1. Strictly Regulate Environmental FactorsWith a hardwall cleanroom, you have the ability to strictly regulate all environmental factors. Our prefabricated cleanrooms can accommodate even the most rigid ISO standards, or they can simply keep your space free of all airborne contaminants. Each hardwall cleanroom is available with either a single-pass or a recirculating air system, and can be modified to strictly regulate such factors as air pressure, temperature, and humidity.2. Easily Moved for Maximum FlexibilityOur manufactured hardwall rooms allow for maximum flexibility when … Continued

5 Applications for Modular Offices in the Healthcare Industry

Is your medical building expanding within the next year? Odds are that you will need additional space in order to meet the needs of your growing medical practice. Modular offices from Vernick & Associates can help provide that much-needed space to better serve your community. Utilizing our modular building systems will be a valuable addition for the five applications listed below.1. Office SpacesConsider adding modular offices for the staff in your medical care facility. It’s not only doctors that need space for documenting procedures, making private phone calls, or completing insurance paperwork. Your clinic may also need additional space for employees such as nurses, schedulers, medical assistants, and administration.2. Consultation RoomsWhen you find your surgical center lacking private space for consultations with patients or family members, consider the addition of a modular room. We can build any of our hardwall offices within a larger area, such as a waiting room, … Continued

Important Considerations for Your New Cleanroom

Cleanroom design and installation can be an overwhelming project, but it doesn’t have to be. The staff at Vernick & Associates can help you construct a controlled space in Dayton, OH, that meets your specific industry needs. Before meeting with our team, it may be valuable for you to gather information regarding the specifications discussed below. We can always assist in helping you choose the specific elements needed for your new cleanroom.Type of Classification The type of classification your cleanroom design requires depends on the smallest size of particle that needs to be filtered or kept out of the cleanroom. Industries each have their own default classification. For example, the default classification for the medical device packaging industry is ISO Class 7. If you’re unsure of the specific classification your industry requires, our staff can complete the research necessary to determine the answer. Amount of Control Hardwall and softwall cleanrooms each provide varying … Continued

When Does My Industry Need an Environmental Room?

When your specific industry needs a highly controlled space to test research methods, operate specialized machinery, or conduct sterile procedures, there are several options to consider. Between environmental rooms, cleanrooms, and modular buildings, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your Cincinnati area business. Vernick & Associates can help your specialized industry choose which type of highly controlled room will be the perfect fit. For companies who need to meet the following standards, an environmental room just may be the best possible option.Store Machinery or InventoryYour industry may be looking for a clean space free from dust, light, and other outside elements, to store machinery or large amounts of inventory. You don’t necessarily need to control air pressure, meet strict ISO standards, or have cleanroom components available. An environmental room can provide effective, sanitary conditions without the accompanying rigid standards of a strictly controlled softwall cleanroom.Restrict … Continued