Gene therapy cleanrooms are built to suit the needs of individual applications. Custom cleanrooms will contain various components, meet different specifications, and do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why, when you are first establishing a cleanroom environment for gene therapy, it’s important to work with cleanroom specialists, such as the engineers at Vernick, who will guide you through the often-complicated cleanroom design and construction process.

Custom Cleanrooms for Cell & Gene Therapy

Whether you’re manufacturing viral vectors, performing CAR-T cell immunotherapy, or conducting clinical trials, gene therapy cleanrooms provide a controlled environment to keep particulates, moisture, temperature, and other contaminations from interfering with delicate processes. Vernick is here to help you navigate the ambiguous regulations, varying requirements, and other challenges in establishing an effective and controlled cleanroom for gene therapy.

Gene Therapy Cleanrooms for Any Application

Gene therapy is a new and evolving industry. We can work with you to create custom gene therapy cleanrooms that meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and satisfy the needs of any application, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical research
  • Medical applications
  • Biotech processes
  • Cell therapy or gene-modified cell therapy
  • And many others!

Gene Therapy Cleanrooms to Meet Any Specification

Gene therapy cleanrooms require strict adherence to quality standards to ensure no contamination occurs during sensitive processes. Common specifications for gene therapy cleanrooms include, but are not limited to:

  • ISO 5 (Class 100)
  • ISO 6 (Class 1,000)
  • ISO 7 (Class 10,000)
  • ISO 8 (Class 100,000)
  • Controlled Non-Classified (CNC) support zones

We can work with any necessary guidelines to meet GMP regulations, FDA requirements, NIH rules, and more. Not sure which specifications your application demands? No problem. We’ll work with you to make sure your gene therapy cleanroom meets all federal, state, and local procedures.

Design & Construction Considerations for GMP-Compliant Gene Therapy Cleanrooms

At Vernick, we partner with a vast network of cleanroom component manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we have the exact parts you need for a fully functioning gene therapy cleanroom while remaining within your budget. These components might include:

  • Material and personnel airlocks
  • Pressure cascades
  • HVAC systems
  • Temperature and humidity control (Dry Rooms)
  • Seamless walls
  • Easy-to-clean and chemical-resistant surfaces
  • And more!

Adaptable designs are a critical component of gene therapy cleanrooms. New processes and regulations are constantly introduced in this dynamic and growing industry. Modular cleanrooms provide the flexible setups and versatile designs you require. Additionally, we offer ongoing support after launch through comprehensive training, precision cleaning, and unparalleled service to ensure you can make the most of your cleanroom.

Your Top Source for High-Quality Gene Therapy Cleanrooms

From initial designs to delivery and beyond, Vernick’s top priority is to satisfy your requirements and exceed your expectations. We source the industry’s best components and pair them with excellent service and resources to create a controlled environment that fits your gene therapy application. We are prepared to work with businesses of any size, ranging from smaller start-ups just getting started to largescale established corporations.

Ready to enforce quality control standards and perfect your gene therapy operations? Contact us to get started on your custom gene therapy cleanroom today!