Precision coating for industrial components requires complete control over the production environment. Dust, contaminants, and particulates in the air cause uneven finishes or faulty coatings, increase the risk of combustion during coating processes, and decrease the lifespan of the finished part for end-users. Improve the effectiveness of your operations by establishing a cleanroom designed explicitly for coating, industrial painting, and powder coating applications.

Custom Cleanrooms for Precision Coating

Vernick’s custom coating cleanroom solutions are built to match any specification, meet any guideline, and contain any feature that your specific application requires. As the smallest sub-visible particulates can cause large problems, air quality and cleanable surfaces are a top concern for coating operations. To help keep your coating cleanroom air filtered and operations running as designed, your cleanroom may require:

Cleanroom Solutions for Any Industrial Coating Application

Coating and protective plating processes are used throughout virtually every industry. We design and construct custom cleanrooms built to suit your specific coating application, such as:

The Advantages of a Vernick Cleanroom for Precision Coating

Vernick works with you to establish the cleanroom you need without going over your budget or needlessly extending your timeline. Other advantages to choosing Vernick for your coating cleanroom include:

  • Versatile Designs. Our cleanroom constructions are easily reconfigured and changed to meet your industrial coating applications’ evolving and expanding needs.
  • Never Out of Stock. Vernick has built lasting relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom components. We’ll find what you need for the cost you want and ensure it is delivered on time.
  • Turnkey Setups. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. We handle everything from meeting federal, state, and local guidelines to installing your cleanroom so you can begin your coating application without delay or worry.

Our Design & Construction Process for Coating Cleanrooms

The exact requirements and guidelines that impact your coating cleanroom construction will vary depending on your application, industry, and goals. That’s why Vernick begins our comprehensive design-build process [link “design-build process” to new Design & Engineering page] by getting to know you, your planned use, and your budget. We work together to create, revise, and finalize your cleanroom designs to ensure every aspect meets your specifications.

During installation, Vernick works around your existing processes to minimize disruptions to workflows while constructing your controlled environment. After launch, we provide continuing support through employee training, excellent customer service, and unparalleled resources. From beginning to implementation and beyond, Vernick is here to support your precision coating cleanroom.

Your Full-Service Partner for Custom Coating Cleanrooms

Vernick is your source for high-quality design-build cleanroom solutions for any precision coating application. Contact us today to learn more about our custom coating cleanroom solutions and how we can help you control quality for more efficient, accurate, and profitable coating results.