Manufacturing lithium batteries requires absolute control over the production space’s humidity, temperature, and contamination levels. Exposure to uncontrolled moisture reduces lithium battery lifespans, lowers performance and charging capacities, and increases the risk of explosion. By completing your lithium battery production in a dry room or cleanroom, you can ensure your lithium batteries operate as designed.

Lithium Battery Dry Rooms

At Vernick, we understand the unique needs of lithium battery manufacturing. Your manufacturing environment must be kept at a relative humidity lower than 1%. As humidity can come from the air, manufacturing processes, and workers producing the batteries, maintaining an adequately dry area can be challenging. Vernick’s dry rooms are a low-humidity solution for lithium battery manufacturing that can meet any ISO specification or other necessary regulations and guidelines. Components in a dry room could include, but are not limited to:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Fans
  • Condensing units
  • Anti-static floors

Lithium Battery Production for Any Industry

Lithium and ion batteries power everything from cell phones to electric cars. They are used throughout virtually every industry, such as:

No matter the planned use for your lithium batteries, we can construct a custom dry room or cleanroom that meets your requirements, controls moisture and temperature, and is designed around your current setup.

The Advantages of Custom Lithium Battery Dry Rooms from Vernick

Vernick is a leading provider of high-quality cleanrooms, dry rooms, and other environmentally controlled solutions. We have the expertise you need to establish a cleanroom in the dynamic and rapidly expanding lithium battery industry. We offer:

  • Extensive Industry Experience. We’ve built lasting relationships with the industry’s best manufacturers and suppliers of cleanroom components. Our vast network minimizes delays while keeping costs low.
  • Versatile Dry Room Designs. We design our cleanrooms to be adaptable and reconfigurable to keep pace with your changing lithium battery production needs.
  • Complete Control. You decide the humidity level, temperature, and personnel access to your cleanroom or dry room to maintain strict control over the environment.

Design & Construction Considerations for Lithium Battery Cleanrooms

We start your lithium battery design process by getting to know you, your workflow, and your goals. Our first consideration is to establish your budget. Vernick is dedicated to providing you with the components you need at the price you can afford. We present our designs, revise based on your needs, and make sure that you are completely satisfied with your custom lithium battery cleanroom before delivery and launch. During installation, we work around you to minimize disruptions or costly shutdowns.

Our involvement doesn’t end after implementation. Vernick is your full-service cleanroom partner. We offer expert personal service, employee training, third-party certifications, and any other support your lithium battery manufacturing cleanroom may need.

Your Go-To Source for Custom Lithium Battery Manufacturing Solutions

Vernick is the industry’s best supplier of cleanroom designs, constructions, and solutions. We create custom lithium battery dry rooms to meet your application’s specifications and requirements. We have the resources, expertise, and solutions you need to remove the worry from your cleanroom construction and implementation.  

Contact us to learn more about our services or to get started on your lithium battery dry room. A prosperous relationship can begin with a single conversation.