In the automotive industry, cleanrooms provide the controlled environment necessary to manufacture effective and safe automotive components. From design to construction to implementation and beyond, the experts at Vernick have built and customized cleanrooms for a wide range of industries—including automotive. A tough industry needs a tougher cleanroom, and we have the experience to exceed all your automotive cleanroom expectations.

Why Do I Need an Automotive Cleanroom?

During the manufacturing of automotive components, metal material dust, gas particles, and other contaminations can make their way into assembled parts. Humidity and temperature can cause shortened lifespans for electronic automotive components, and static electricity can cause significant defects. You control your environment and keep contaminants from sensitive automotive products by completing all manufacturing and assembly in an automotive cleanroom.

Automotive Cleanroom Applications

Automotive cleanrooms are utilized for the design, production, assembly, and testing of automotive components. Uses and applications for automotive cleanrooms include:

  • Automotive research and development
  • Component manufacturing and packaging
  • Sensor development
  • And more.

Advantages of Automotive Cleanrooms

At Vernick, we go to great lengths to ensure you end up with a practical, durable automotive cleanroom that will serve you for years to come. Some advantages of choosing Vernick to design and construct your automotive cleanroom includes:

  • Most of our cleanrooms and other controlled environments can be easily moved or modified to meet your changing business and automotive manufacturing needs.
  • Budget-Friendly. We work together with you and your team to make sure your automotive cleanroom will exceed your expectations while operating inside your budget.
  • Management. From who can enter your automotive cleanroom to the level of air filtration, you control and manage every aspect of your cleanroom controlled environment.

Automotive Cleanroom Design & Construction Considerations

Vernick can build a controlled environment to satisfy even the most exacting requirement, ISO standard, or other guidelines. Automotive cleanrooms typically are specified between ISO Class 6 and Class 9, depending on your specific application. We’ve got you covered no matter your specification, from air filtration to determining if a softwall or hardwall construction is best. We use our 8-Step Process to get to know you and your goals, collaborate on a design, implement your cleanroom, and provide service that continues past installation.

Our number one goal is to create a cleanroom that meets your requirements. If your application doesn’t require a full cleanroom, Vernick offers several other controlled environment rooms for your automotive needs:

Turnkey Automotive Cleanroom Solutions

If you’re looking for an automotive cleanroom solution that is completed quickly, costs less, and provides you with your desired amount of input, Vernick’s turnkey cleanroom option is an excellent fit for you. We take care of everything from design to installation while meeting or exceeding all local, federal, and other guidelines. Everything is in place before your project starts. All you must do is “turn the key” to begin.

Since our founding in 1985, Vernick’s top priority has been to provide our clients in the automotive and other industries with superior service and custom cleanrooms that meet your most rigorous requirement. Contact us today to get started.