For over twenty years, Vernick has had the privilege of creating cleanroom designs and constructions for a wide variety of industries such as aerospace. Our aerospace cleanrooms are custom-made to meet any ISO standards or other strict requirements necessary to your specific application.

Why Do I Need an Aerospace Cleanroom?

Even the smallest particulate or contaminate present in a component can cause complete equipment failure with catastrophic results in aerospace applications. Cleanrooms provide an isolated area within your aerospace facility designed to filter out those contaminants while controlling air pressure, humidity, and other factors.

Aerospace Cleanroom Applications

As an industry, Aerospace involves a wide range of applications. No matter your goal, there is no room for error or relaxed standards when manufacturing precision components, including:

  • Aircraft hardware
  • Spacecraft hardware
  • Optical devices
  • Satellites
  • Engine parts
  • And more.

Vernick has the expertise and capability to design, construct, implement, and support a controlled environment to meet any aerospace manufacturing specification.

Advantages of Manufacturing an Aerospace Cleanroom

At Vernick, we pride ourselves on providing high-performance aerospace cleanrooms. Some advantages of our controlled environment rooms for aerospace include:

  • Mobility. Our modular aerospace cleanrooms are easily modified or relocated to meet your growing business’s changing needs.
  • Cost-Effective. We work with you to make sure your aerospace cleanroom meets your needs while satisfying your budget.
  • From whom is allowed entry to humidity to cleanliness and everything in between, you control all aspects of the environment within your aerospace cleanroom.

Aerospace Cleanroom Design & Construction Considerations

We take the time to understand your goals for your aerospace cleanroom. Every design decision impacts cost and performance, and our 8-Step Process provides you with the exact amount of input you require without oversupplying the need or overstepping your budget.

Along the way, you may find that a full cleanroom is not the right option for your aerospace application. In that case, we offer other controlled environment solutions, including:

All our cleanrooms and controlled environment solutions come either as a hardwall or softwall construction, and our experts work with you to find your best aerospace cleanroom or controlled environment room.

Turnkey Aerospace Cleanroom Solutions

We offer turnkey services for our aerospace cleanrooms. We design, build, and implement everything before your project begins. To start, all that you need to do is “turn the key.” Additionally, our involvement doesn’t end at implementation—we are here to support you and your cleanroom far beyond installation.

To learn more about Vernick’s products and services, read our FAQs or check out our blog. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’re ready to get started on your aerospace cleanroom, contact us today.