Since 1985, Vernick has been privileged to provide custom cleanroom designs and constructions to a wide range of business owners. We understand the precision needed to operate within the exact specifications and parameters different industries require, and we are committed to helping our clients navigate the process. We can meet any requirements necessary—regardless of your industry or application.



Custom cleanrooms from Vernick provide the controlled environment necessary to manufacture effective and safe automotive components. Keep metal material dust, gas particles, and other contaminations out of your assembled parts by establishing an automotive cleanroom.

Injection Molding

As injection molding is often used to manufacture medical devices, surgical components, and other objects for the medical industry, it is essential to keep the process as clean as possible. Vernick’s hardwall and softwall cleanrooms allow you to control airflow and many other factors that may impact your injection molding application.


The slightest contamination within an aerospace component can lead to catastrophic results. As an industry leader in cleanrooms and other controlled environments, Vernick is prepared to meet any federal, ISO, or mil-spec standard to establish your aerospace cleanroom.

Medical Device

Medical device cleanrooms must meet strict ISO standards, especially when producing implantable devices, surgical tools, and other components where contaminations can lead to infection or death. Our medical device manufacturing cleanrooms provide adaptable, cost-effective solutions.


Semiconductors power virtually every electronic device. Also called integrated circuits or microchips, semiconductors must be manufactured in a cleanroom environment due to the detailed processes involved with their assembly. Let the experts at Vernick design and construct a semiconductor cleanroom solution for your application.

High-Quality Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments for Every Industry

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices that need to be made when constructing a cleanroom. Vernick’s decades of experience have helped us develop an 8-Step Process to ensure clients get a product that meets their needs without blowing their budget or timeline. We can help find the best turnkey cleanroom solution for your application. To get started on your cleanroom project, contact Vernick today.