University cleanrooms must be versatile and flexible spaces to meet the needs of many applications as universities are involved in virtually every industry. At Vernick, we have the expertise and capacity to design multidisciplinary working or research cleanrooms for university campuses. We have the design and build capabilities to deliver customized university cleanroom solutions for uses ranging from medical centers to liquid crystal research and beyond.

Research Cleanroom Solutions for Universities

Cleanrooms are isolated areas designed to control environmental factors during research or manufacturing applications. This can include controlling dust and particulates, humidity, temperature, contamination levels, air pressure, and more. Cleanrooms are completely customizable to satisfy the requirements of your specific application, including meeting ISO standards, installing positive and negative pressure filtration, and more.

Vernick is prepared to design and construct a custom university cleanroom to meet your association’s exact needs. We will work with you, your committee, and your academic advisory board to create a controlled environment for medical research, training applications, and other uses.

Custom University Cleanrooms for Any Application

University cleanrooms and research cleanrooms prepare experts for future employment and conduct cutting-edge research. Our cleanroom designs and constructions are custom built for:

The Advantages of Custom University Cleanrooms from Vernick

Vernick is your partner in the design and construction of your research cleanroom. By choosing us as your design-and-build university cleanroom solution, you choose:

  • Vast Industry Experience. Our cleanroom specialists have worked with institutions of all sizes to create fully custom cleanrooms, perfectly positioning us to work with university committees, engineering companies, and anyone else involved in your project.
  • Versatile Customization. We work closely with you to create easily modified or moveable cleanroom setups to meet the changing requirements of your university space.
  • Budget Friendly. Every dollar must be accounted for when constructing a university cleanroom. We work with you to find a cost-effective cleanroom solution.

University Cleanroom Design & Construction Considerations

Vernick uses an 8-Step Process to determine your application’s components, features, and design considerations. Due to the broad use of university cleanrooms and research cleanrooms, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for your application. Depending on your planned use, some necessary components may include:

  • Recirculating HVAC systems
  • Particle monitoring systems
  • Laminar flow workstations
  • Chemical storage cabinets
  • And others!

We work closely with you from design through installation and offer continuing support after implementation. Vernick is your full-service source for any design-and-build research cleanroom.

Cost-Effective Custom Cleanrooms to Meet Any Requirement

Vernick is proud to work with a variety of universities and educational campuses to provide high-quality and versatile research cleanrooms. We’ve worked hard to build lasting relationships with the industry’s leading distributors and suppliers to establish a university cleanroom solution within your budget and made from the best air filters, wall systems, and other components available. Our vast network of manufacturing partners enables us to meet the demands of any cleanroom every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you establish a university cleanroom at your institution or to get started. We’ll respond to begin your custom university cleanroom design and construction process as soon as possible.