Whether you need a manufacturing room that meets strict ISO specifications or simply a space to ensure clean, quality products, a cleanroom is a comprehensive solution for any manufacturing application. From manufacturing lithium batteries to creating soap, shavers, or other commercial goods, cleanrooms create an environment where everything from temperature, particulates, humidity, and more are completely controlled.

Custom Cleanrooms for Manufacturers

Vernick designs and constructs manufacturing cleanroom solutions that can meet any requirement. We offer modular cleanrooms to divide and organize larger spaces or limit access to an area, dry rooms to control moisture and humidity during sensitive processes, and other contaminant-free environments to support your manufacturing application.

We work with contract manufacturers, largescale businesses, and OEMs throughout an extensive range of industries. We can meet any specification every time while staying within your budget to provide a fully custom manufacturing cleanroom built to match your specific workflows, processes, and already-established operations.

Modular Manufacturing Cleanrooms for Any Use

Manufacturers carry out their production and assembly procedures in cleanrooms to ensure quality outputs that satisfy their end-users. Some examples of cleanroom manufacturers include:

The components integrated into your cleanroom will vary depending on the needs of your application. We can install cranes, utilize hardwall or softwall constructions, and include anything your manufacturing operation requires.

The Benefits of Vernick’s Custom Cleanrooms for Manufacturers

Cleanrooms for manufacturers from Vernick come with a variety of benefits outside of controlling environmental conditions and removing contaminations. We offer:

  • Adaptable Spaces. We build our cleanrooms to be versatile, movable, and mobile so the same space can meet your changing needs. Whether you’re expanding your business or meeting new industry standards, we can reconfigure your space to adapt to your new manufacturing demands.
  • Established Supplier Relationships. Vernick has built lasting relationships with the industry’s best cleanroom component manufacturers and distributors. We’ll find you what you need for the cost you want and ensure your manufacturing cleanroom is implemented on time.
  • Tax Advantages. The IRS Section 179 deduction allows a quick return on investment for modular manufacturing cleanrooms due to modular construction depreciation spanning only five to seven years.

Manufacturing Cleanroom Design & Construction Process

We work closely with you to design, construct, and implement your cleanroom. We’ll work around you to cause no disruptions to your day-to-day manufacturing work, even if that means installing your cleanroom on nights, weekends, and during off-hours throughout the week. After launch, we offer ongoing support and pride ourselves on expert personal service. This support for your custom modular manufacturing cleanroom could include:

  • Employee training
  • Precision cleaning and maintenance
  • Third-party certifications
  • And anything else you need!

Custom Manufacturing Cleanrooms for Sensitive Processes

Vernick is here to support your manufacturing applications with custom modular cleanrooms and other controlled environment spaces. We work around your processes to provide the equipment and management capabilities you need. Our vast cleanroom experience means we’re ready for any requirement you throw at us.

Ready to get started or want to find out more about how a Vernick manufacturing cleanroom can help you control quality and organize your workflow? Contact us today!