If full-blown cleanrooms feel like overkill for your purposes, let the experts at Vernick suggest another option: not-quite-as-clean environmental rooms. Environmental rooms, sometimes also called controlled rooms, are an excellent option for when you need a controlled environment that does not have to meet the air-quality standards that govern cleanrooms. Also known as a white cleanroom, environmental rooms are typically used for less-sophisticated applications requiring a controlled area including:

  • Housing machinery or inventory
  • Restricting personnel access
  • Containing processes

These rooms are popular with the academic industry, particularly for research projects where a strict set of parameters must be followed. Other industries need a space set apart from other operations to enhance product quality or increase productivity. They are an excellent, cost-effective alternative to cleanrooms with stricter requirements while increasing workplace efficiency.

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Important Factors

Though environmental rooms follow fewer standards than a typical cleanroom, there are still important factors to keep in mind while deciding on your controlled environment. Consistency, temperature, and humidity control are paramount. A stable room temperature is key to establishing a functioning environmental room to control the expansion and contraction of both the CMM and associate parts.

If humidity is a concern for you and your project, consider establishing a dry room as your environmental room. This controlled environment will help protect any hygroscopic or moisture-sensitive products.

Types of Environmental Rooms

Just like how every project requirement is different, every solution offered by Vernick’s experts is customized. We provide the experience to plan and assemble the perfect controlled modular room depending on your industry’s needs. Our detailed design process helps guide you through choosing the best fitting white room modular unit to meet your requirements. We carry all the equipment and components you will need to complete the project, and our dedicated team provides the expertise to make it a success.

Hardwall Cleanrooms

A hardwall environmental room provides the highest level of control, especially when built with a recirculating air system rather than a single-pass system that does not re-use the filtered air. The rigid walls allow users to restrict access to the controlled room through a designated entryway. Unlike conventional stud-and-drywall construction, these modular systems and controlled rooms can easily be moved or modified. That flexibility makes them perfect for many industries.

Our hardwall cleanrooms use prefabricated, demountable wall systems and offer many advantages:

  • Pre-finished surfaces are smooth, non-shedding, and nonporous, making them easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • Expandable
  • Moveable
  • Quick, clean construction process
  • Proven quality
  • Accelerated depreciation

Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall environmental rooms are the quickest to build and simplest to modify. The environmental room “walls” are made from flexible vinyl curtains. These modular units are uniquely customizable, available in virtually any size and air-cleanliness classification.

Also known as process isolaters, softwall controlled rooms can stand alone or operate within a larger cleanroom such as one of our hardwall environmental rooms, keeping a portion of the procedure cleaner than the rest. The structure can be suspended from the ceiling and allow for unobstructed egress and equipment layout while typically providing the most cost-effective solution for particulate control. Another option is a floor-supported installation which can include locking casters. This allows the environmental room to be rolled from location to location within a larger facility.

While designing your controlled room, whether hardwall or softwall, custom or turnkey, Vernick considers what criteria must be met and plans accordingly. Our 8-Step Process is exceptionally detailed and customized to your needs.


Controlled Environment Rooms

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