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If full-blown cleanrooms feel like overkill for your purposes, let the experts at Vernick suggest another option: not-quite-as-clean environmental rooms. Put our decades of design-build experience to good use — call us at (844) 476-1464 today to discuss your project requirements, and we will help to identify the best, most cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

Based in northeast Ohio, we have installed all types of controlled environments and modular offices throughout the Midwest.

Clean Rooms for More Relaxed Standards

When you need a controlled environment that doesn’t have to meet the air-quality standards that govern cleanrooms, an environmental room is a viable alternative. Also known as a white cleanroom, such space shares many characteristics of a hardwall system but is typically used for less-sophisticated applications, including the following:

  • Housing machinery or inventory
  • Restricting personnel access
  • Containing processes

These rooms are popular in the academic community, particularly for research projects where a strict set of parameters needs to be followed. Some industries simply need a space set apart from other operations to enhance product quality or increase productivity.

The possible configurations are almost endless, limited only by your parameters.

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Whatever your needs, our detailed design process helps guide you through choosing the hard- or softwall room that perfectly meets your criteria. We carry all the equipment and components you will need to complete the project, and our dedicated team of experienced contractors provides the expertise to make it a success.

Environmental Cleanroom for Printing in Ohio

Modular CMM Rooms

Because they do allow the user to control temperature and humidity, controlled environments also are ideal for applications such as coordinate measuring machine rooms. Known as CMM rooms, such facilities are used to take precise measurements of manufactured components to ensure they will perform as intended. Absolute control of temperature and humidity are paramount.

Environmental rooms can uphold the integrity and success of your business, study, or project. Contact us today at (844) 476-1464 to talk through your needs. We also provide separation partition installation services and filtration & UV sterilization systems, important items in today’s world, as well as dry rooms, metrology labs, and quality control laboratories. Vernick serves the Ohio communities of ColumbusCincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, and beyond.

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