If you are a manufacturer of hygroscopic or moisture-sensitive products, you understand that precise control of conditions is needed during the manufacturing process. At Vernick, we specialize in creating controlled environments including dry room constructions for dehumidification purposes. Our experts are equipped to design, implement, and support dry rooms of any square footage for any application. We specialize in customized, controlled low humidity rooms, no matter your specifications or requirements.


What is a Dry Room?

Put simply, a dry room is a low humidity room where the temperature and moisture level are controlled along with the filtered air and other variables. They can be customized to fit any level of ISO specifications. This dehumidification is of the utmost importance for applications such as the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries where a low relative humidity is essential to the production process.

We build wholly self-contained and vapor-tight rooms using mechanical means to dry out the environment. Our experts can customize to your exact specifications. We offer the necessary components, such as airborne particle counters and air showers, to complete the dry room and ready it for use. Our services and 8-Step Process will help save you time and money as we guide you through the creation of your dry room.

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Dry Room Requirements

Since 1985, Vernick has been an industry standout in creating and implementing custom cleanroom solutions for our clients. We are excited to get started on creating a dry room that meets your exact custom requirements while maintaining our high standard of service and product delivery. While designing your dry room, Vernick considers and implements solutions to four main critical variables:

  1. The number of people anticipated to operate within the dry room
  2. The space available within your building for construction of the dry room
  3. The internal heat load and room exhaust
  4. Your exact standards for temperature and humidity control within the dry room

While we do pay special attention to these elements in each of Vernick’s dry rooms, requirements and materials used for individual projects can vary depending on your industry and the desired application of your custom space. No matter your specifications, we will ensure excellent dehumidification capability in our low humidity controlled rooms. Our dry rooms are leaders in consistently reducing moisture and keeping your product and environment operating within your parameters.

Additionally, our turnkey cleanroom services (link “turnkey cleanroom operation” to New URL “Turnkey Cleanroom Services”) makes your process seamless and easy. Our turnkey solutions provide you with fast, high-quality, creative building solutions to meet any requirements while minimizing owner risk, saving costs, and meeting federal, state, and local agency guidelines. Able to meet your custom dry room requirements, our turnkey solutions take out the guesswork to provide you with an excellent and quality product.


Our team works to get you up and running as soon as possible. Quality and safety remain our number one priority, and so we estimate a six- to eight-week time frame for a small dry room and a bit longer for a larger one. Actual estimates will vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Industries Served

Vernick is privileged to serve an ever-growing range of industries for all cleanroom, white room, and dry room needs. We customize specifications to your requirements and use different materials depending on your unique application. We work with a variety of industries including:

Dry Room Specifications

While a dry room serving a Life Science application will include easy-to-clean and durable materials in a seamless construction, industrial applications might require a different approach.  Contact us via our website, visit our FAQ page, or call us at 844-476-1464 today to discuss your specific industry and dry room specifications to start your quote. We will help you explore your options and find the best-fitting, most cost-effective controlled environment for your project.

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