If you’re a manufacturer in Dayton looking for expert advice on designing and installing a cleanroom, look no further than Vernick. With both experience and expertise on our side — and meticulous customer service a top priority — we’ll have you up and running as quickly as possible whether it’s a dry room, metrology lab, or quality control laboratory.

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Dayton Cleanroom Design

Customer Service Is a Must 

Since 1985, we’ve been designing rooms for clients from all types of industries. From liquid crystal display and MEMS to the medical device and semiconductor fields, we’ve done it all. And we make sure to do it in a way that looks out for our customers’ best interests.

We are partners in your success, and we’re with you for the long haul, offering personnel training, precision cleaning services, and third-party certification after your turnkey installation is complete.

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Our rooms are pre-finished modular systems, customized to your exact specifications and often built to ISO standards. Most rooms are built inside an existing facility, but we can also integrate a project into an ongoing construction process. Flexibility is a key characteristic of modular cleanrooms; we offer both soft- and hardwall options, and they can be easily modified as your needs evolve.

Environmental Rooms and Equipment

For clients who are less concerned about air particulates and more concerned about a controlled environment, an environmental room, or white room, may make the most sense. These still allow you to manage pressurization, personnel access, temperature and humidity, and air filtration — just not to the extreme that cleanrooms usually call for.

We also offer numerous options to outfit your controlled environment, including state-of-the art equipment such as pass-through cabinets, air showers, and laminar flow work stations, just to name a few. And if you just need quick, affordable space, ask about our modular office options

Vernick is ready with the road map to success for your Dayton cleanroom. Check out our FAQs, and then contact us at (216) 373-2330 for more information about us.