Vernick is privileged to have worked with clients from different industries throughout Ohio, including the manufacturing, automotive, IT, biosciences, and biotechnology heavyweights operating in Columbus.

Our varied experience means we can design and build cleanrooms for any application — and to meet any standards. Contact us today at (216) 373-2330 to discuss your project needs with our cleanroom experts.

We also have happy clients throughout the Midwest, including in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virgina, and Pennsylvania.

Cleanroom Experts in Columbus OH

Clean Rooms for Precise Standards

Since 1985, we’ve been designing and building both soft- and hardwall modular cleanrooms for clients in Ohio and beyond. Our mastery and total dedication to customer satisfaction make Vernick the Midwest’s go-to industry expert for a variety of cleanrooms, including dry rooms, metrology labs, and quality control laboratories.

You’ll be astounded by the flexibility of these systems: They can be adapted in countless ways to fit your changing needs. When you want a room that adheres to strict parameters regarding contaminants, pressurization, personnel access, and/or temperature and humidity, count on the skilled professionals at Vernick.

Environmental Rooms in Columbus

To accurately pinpoint your exact specifications — and ensure you don’t end up with a cleaner (and more expensive) room than you need — we’ll walk you through our eight-step design process. Our dedicated team of contractors has been with us for years, so they have plenty of experience with successful implementation. 

We will only hand over the keys when we’re sure the project meets your goals, and we’re always available to provide ongoing support and service.  We offer personnel training, precision cleaning and maintenance, and third-party certification, and we’re proud to have a number of clients who have been with us for decades.

Environmental Rooms and More

Environmental rooms are the best choice when airborne particles aren’t as much a concern as other factors. When containing processes, enclosing equipment, or adhering to regulations is the goal, an environmental room, or white room, usually will fit the bill more economically than a full-scale cleanroom.

We will still walk through our detailed process to identify requirements and ensure all of your criteria are met. And if you need the space but not the rigorous control, ask about modular office design.

Filling your completed room with the equipment you need couldn’t be any easier. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop resource. Vernick carries all major parts and components from laminar flow workstations and pass-thru cabinets to vinyl curtains and airborne particle counters. You’ll be up and running before you know it.

Which Industries Do We Serve?

Columbus is a hub for several major industries, and we’re proud to have worked with many of them. Two of our clients include Ohio State University and Avery Dennison. No matter your industry, we’re excited to meet you and discuss how our expertise can benefit your business.

For more information about us or to begin planning your Columbus-area cleanroom, call Vernick at (216) 373-2330. As always, peruse our FAQs for pertinent answers to common questions.

Based in Cleveland, we also serve the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo areas.

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