CMM Rooms

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) use a sensitive, needle-like electronic probe to measure parts by sensing discrete points on a surface, allowing you to see if an element has met required specifications. CMMs are used in tandem with metrology labs or quality control labs to make sure that standards are upheld through a fully automated process.

As CMMs are a significant investment for your business to make, you want to make sure you protect this delicate machinery. For CMMs to function properly, they must be kept in a climate-controlled room where temperature, humidity, and access are carefully regulated. Vernick’s experts provide the design, implementation, and support for your custom modular CMM room.

CMM Room Requirements

A CMM room or CMM lab is a climate-controlled room designed and constructed specifically to hold CMMs. As CMM rooms are often built inside factories experiencing extreme temperatures, it is a necessity to have a custom-built modular CMM lab to protect your sensitive CMM equipment. Your CMM room must:

  • Monitor and control temperature and humidity
  • Keep the area free of contaminates
  • Prevent unauthorized entry while remaining accessible for technicians
  • Ensure accurate measurements

Vernick’s custom CMM room designs excel at creating controlled environments to allow your CMM to work as intended. We guarantee a temperature and humidity-controlled environment using HEPA filtration and UV sterilization to meet any CMM room specification. As each of our CMM room designs is custom created for each project, you also control who has access to your CMM lab.

Custom Turnkey CMM Room Designs & Constructions

For all our modular cleanroom and controlled environment room projects, including CMM labs, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality customer service. From design to implementation and beyond, we make your decision-making process as straightforward as possible by offering turnkey solutions. Our turnkey CMM rooms provide you with fast, dependable, and creative building solutions to meet any requirements while minimizing your risk, saving costs, and meeting federal, state, and local agency guidelines.

Our 8-Step Process provides flexibility and personalized service throughout the design and construction of your custom CMM room. Whether you need a few hundred or a few thousand square feet of controlled climate, we’ll get to know your CMM room specifications as we work to pinpoint the ideal solution for your performance, timeline, and budget requirements.

In addition to our turnkey CMM room designs, we offer a variety of other cleanrooms and environmental rooms, including:

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Industries Served

Since 1985, Vernick has provided our clients with superior service while designing custom cleanrooms that meet specific and often rigorous requirements. We are prepared to work with any CMM room specification or application, including for industries such as:

Vernick offers comprehensive design-build services for your CMM room project. Our emphasis is always on serving you by looking out for your best interests. Visit our FAQ to learn more about our services, or contact us today to get started.