Softwall cleanrooms are made from flexible vinyl curtain “walls” and are available in virtually any size for any air-cleanliness classification. Also called a process isolator, a softwall cleanroom can stand alone or operate within a larger hardwall cleanroom. Vernick offers air showers, laminar-flow workstations, airborne particle counters, pass-through cabinets, and other options within softwall cleanrooms to meet your specifications.

Softwall Cleanroom Ohio

Why Choose a Softwall Cleanroom?

It is not always easy to discern if a softwall or hardwall cleanroom option is best for your industrial application. Depending on your ultimate goals, a less permanent softwall cleanroom may be the best option for your applications.

Create Modules in an Existing Cleanroom

Softwall cleanrooms represent an excellent opportunity to create modular spaces within an existing hardwall cleanroom. Whether this functions to section off work areas, isolate sensitive processes, or something else, softwall cleanrooms allow a portion of your procedures to operate at a different cleanliness standard than the rest of the area.

Portable & Flexible Custom Cleanroom Constructions

Compared to their rigid hardwall cleanroom counterparts, vinyl softwall cleanrooms are by nature more portable and flexible and help establish an effective workflow. Along with creating modules in an existing cleanroom, lightweight softwall cleanrooms offer high functionality as they can be expanded or reduced in size without disassembling your entire cleanroom set-up.

For even greater flexibility, Vernick provides two softwall cleanroom mounting options:

  • Floor-supported portable softwall cleanroom installations can include locking casters, allowing the room to be rolled from location to location within the larger facility.
  • Ceiling-suspended softwall cleanroom installations eliminate all columns and floor support for unobstructed egress and equipment layout.

Cost-Effective Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall cleanrooms cost less up-front when compared to hardwall options. If budget is a significant concern while exploring your cleanroom options, softwall cleanroom modules can help you spend less while controlling particulates in the air. The true savings come from using once-through air handling systems within softwall cleanrooms. Once-through systems create cooling within the cleanroom, and the filtration is integrated within your existing air system. This helps you to avoid the installation cost of an entirely new HVAC unit.

8-Step Custom Cleanroom Construction Process

Customer service is an essential aspect of our business. Consequently, we have a detailed 8-Step Process to ensure we understand your exact needs and specifications for your industry long before construction begins. Our protocol helps us to pinpoint the ideal solution for your performance, timeline, and budget needs as we create your custom turnkey cleanroom. From introduction to design to delivery, launch, and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

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Custom Softwall Cleanrooms for Any Industry

Founded by a licensed engineer in 1985, Vernick maintains a team of dedicated contractors who have constructed hundreds of environmentally controlled rooms, including softwall cleanrooms, for a vast range of industrial applications. Our experience equips us to work with industries of all types, including:

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We pride ourselves on being a one-stop source for successful custom cleanroom design and implementation. We use only the finest materials available for our softwall cleanrooms and other environmentally controlled rooms. If modular softwall cleanrooms are not the best option for your industry or application, we also design and implement cleanrooms such as:

To learn more about Vernick’s softwall cleanrooms, other products, or commitment to quality, peruse our FAQ, check out our blog, and contact us today to request a consultation. A prosperous relationship begins with a single conversation. We’re ready to guide you through your softwall cleanroom process from concept to completion.