At Vernick, we understand that any Quality Control (QC) labs or metrology labs that contain CMM machines and other equipment must be built to your exacting standards. We have experts who know how to create your QC labs and cleanliness testing labs from start to finish.

Before we get to that, you might ask yourself: what is a quality control lab? What are the requirements that differentiate a QC lab from other cleanrooms? Do they apply to my industry? We are here to help you answer these questions, learn more about cleanliness testing labs, and decide which QC lab fits best for you and your project’s requirements.

What is a Quality Control Laboratory?

A quality control laboratory is a controlled environment that must maintain stable temperatures, control humidity, and contain filtered clean air. For testing products and ensuring standards are met or exceeded, QC labs and cleanliness testing labs are vital and indispensable in your project’s success.

We can create a QC lab for you and your business using custom specifications or relying on a turnkey option. Let our industry experts lead the way to your quality control lab for your products, testing, and fabrications.

Requirements for a Quality Control Laboratory

Whether you are fabricating plastic parts or conducting rigorous testing on your consumer product, we are ready to work with your company and experts to identify the parameters and budget that will define your quality control lab and cleanliness testing lab. With our 8-Step Process to success, we have completed many cleanrooms, environmental rooms, dry rooms, and modular labs, offices, and mezzanines.

Our team of design/build lab professionals handles the entire process and works with your team to nail down the details and configuration of the QC laboratory, including meeting MilSpec and iST standards. We also provide components like Laminar flow workstations, pass-thru cabinets, HEPA filtration, and more that allow you to build out the room without bringing in additional vendors or worrying about multiple invoices. We make the process as convenient as possible.

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Turnkey Quality Control Laboratories

One great option for building your QC lab is to create a turnkey quality control laboratory. With our turnkey solutions, you have a lower risk as all responsibility comes from a single source. Turnkey operations are more likely to be finished ahead of schedule, and they often come with a lower price tag. Turnkey QC labs allow you to focus on your projects while saving costs, creating high-quality building solutions, and meeting federal, state, and local agency guidelines. As with all Vernick’s products, our turnkey QC labs still follow our 8-Step Process to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout the process.

Industries Served

Vernick is privileged to serve an ever-growing list of industries. We have provided QC labs for client projects in numerous fields, including but not limited to:

We offer comprehensive design-build services for whatever QC lab needs are required within your specific industry.

Quality Control Laboratory Installation Timeline

We understand you are excited to get started with your QC lab. We work as quickly as possible, but we always put our customers’ safety and security first. We know how to make our company space safe for employees and clients. We estimate a six- to eight-week time frame for a small QC lab. For a larger room, production will take a bit longer. The actual time frame will depend upon the complexity and requirements of your specific project.

Quality Control Labs

Ready to get started on building your QC laboratory? The experts at Verick are excited and prepared to talk to you about your requirements, concerns, and questions regarding your project. We have the competitive advantage to save you both time and money in building your QC lab. Call us today at 844-476-1464 ,or  send us a message. We are looking forward to helping transform your space with a modular lab that meets every requirement.

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