Sensitive coordinate measuring machines require controlled environments to function properly. At Vernick, we specialize in building CMM rooms to exacting standards for all of our clients. We’re adept at handling the entire process from concept to completion and also provide the support you need for ongoing help once the project is completed. Contact us today at (844) 476-1464 for more information or to discuss your specifications. We serve Ohio and the surrounding states.

Metrology Labs Ohio

Let our industry experts lead the way to your metrology lab.

CMM Room Requirements

At Vernick, we provide the flexibility and expertise to create a metrology laboratory or QC lab that’s customized to your application. We know that many of you work with exact MilSpec or iST requirements where there simply isn’t room for error in order to meet tolerance specifications.

Design Build

With that in mind, our design/build process for coordinate measuring rooms allows you to specify the exact settings you need to create the controlled environment for product manufacturing or testing protocol. Adjust the temperature, humidity tolerance, and cleanliness that fits your application. Choose from hardwall, softwall, and even modular options, most of which are moveable to allow for future changes should they be needed.

Rest assured, design/build saves you time and money versus the plan/spec method where you’re working with multiple bids, contractors, and invoices.

Cleanroom Design Build Ohio

Components for CMM Rooms

At Vernick, we make it our business to provide all the necessary components for CMM rooms.

  • Laminar Flow Work Stations
  • Pass-Thru Cabinets
  • Air Showers
  • Airborne Particle Counters
  • Vinyl Curtains
  • HEPA Filters

Meeting Safety Requirements During the Pandemic

We can also provide safety partitions, shields, individual workstations, and hand sanitizer stations where necessary to meet separation requirements for social distancing. We understand the extra complications it causes to provide for the safety and security of your employees, but we’ve learned how to implement the measures that it takes to do so. You can count on us to meet all your requirements, as detailed as they may be.

At Vernick we’ve built countless metrology labs, cleanrooms, and vapor tight dry rooms for a variety of industries. We work with pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, medical, defense, security, universities, and chemical companies. We’re ready to make your project our next priority. Contact us today at (844) 476-1464 to see how our experts can transform your space into a CMM room that meets your specifications. We serve Ohio and the surrounding Midwest.