No matter your industry, having the ability to make and record precise measurements is crucial. One controlled environment in which such measurements can be taken is a metrology laboratory.

For your metrology lab to function properly, you must maintain steady, safe, and clean conditions all the time. Our experts at Vernick specialize in building controlled environments that meet your exacting standards and application requirements.  We are adept at handling the entire process from concept through installation to providing support for ongoing service after the project has been implemented. Let our industry experts lead the way to your custom metrology lab.

What is a Metrology Lab?

A metrology lab is a laboratory, often associated with Quality Control (QC) labs, where measurements take place. Depending on your industry, application, or project, the contents of metrology labs will vary. Whether your metrology lab is a hot room, dry room, cold room, CMM room, or something else entirely, consistency is critical.

Metrology Lab Requirements

At Vernick, we customize your metrology lab to your individualized requirements. Using our 8-Step Process, we work with you through every stage of creating your metrology lab design and tailor your final product to your needs. Our high-quality constructions will keep temperature, humidity levels, and cleanliness stable throughout the metrology lab space.

Whatever your requirements, customizations, square footage, or other variables, we have the experience, flexibility, and expertise to create a metrology lab cleanroom for any application.

Many of you work with exact MilSpec or iST requirements. In order to meet tolerance specifications, we know that there simply is no room for error. That is why we offer turnkey metrology lab solutions . We want to make your metrology laboratory process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our turnkey operations will provide you with fast, high-quality, creative building solutions to meet any requirements while minimizing your risk, saving costs, and meeting federal, state, and local agency guidelines. We will remove the guesswork from designing your metrology lab to provide excellent service and a quality product.

Let Our Industry Experts Lead The Way To Your Metrology Lab


We understand you want to access and get use out of your custom metrology lab as soon as possible. At Vernick, we put the quality of your laboratory and the safety of your business as our number one priority. Exact timelines vary depending on the project, specifications, and requirements of your project. However, we estimate a six-to eight-week time frame for a small dry room and a bit longer for a larger one.

Industries Served

As the uses of a metrology lab vary widely, we likewise serve an extensive range of industries in building this type of controlled environment room. Some common industries include:

With such uniquely customizable properties, a metrology laboratory can work in many applications. We create effective metrology lab designs that save you time and money without sacrificing any quality.

Customized Metrology Lab

We have been building metrology labs and other controlled environment rooms (such as cleanrooms, modular offices, and dry rooms) since 1985. We are excited to bring our expertise to you and make your project our next priority. To learn more about how you and your business can benefit from a metrology lab, please fill out our form, or give us a call at 844-476-1464. Our experts are standing by to see how we can transform your space into a metrology lab that meets your specifications.

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