Hardwall cleanrooms offer the stability, privacy, and flexibility called for in many industries. Designed to keep airborne contaminants out of an enclosed area with air circulation systems, Vernick’s specialized modular hardwall cleanrooms provide custom designs to meet your specifications.

Why Choose a Hardwall Cleanroom?

Hardwall cleanrooms are an excellent choice when you want the privacy and function of a standard room with the capacity to control the environment. Our prefabricated hardwall modular cleanrooms are entirely enclosed and equipped with their own air-handling systems to provide filtered air.

Ohio Hardwall Cleanrooms
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Hardwall Cleanrooms Offer Maximum Control

A hardwall cleanroom provides the highest level of control, particularly when built with a recirculating air system rather than a single-pass system that does not re-use the filtered air. The rigid walls allow users to restrict access to the controlled environment through a designated entryway. Depending on your requirements and existing air handling systems, we can recommend cleanroom components that will best help you control your environmental room.

Flexible Hardwall Cleanroom Constructions

Needs change over time, and hardwall cleanrooms come with the capacity to be moved or changed to match your growing industrial capabilities. Vernick builds each of our custom hardwall cleanrooms with prefabricated and demountable wall systems that follow your exact specifications. We can return at any time to modify your hardwall cleanroom based on your current needs.

Hardwall Cleanrooms Versus Softwall Cleanrooms

We often hear from customers struggling to decide if a hardwall or softwall cleanroom is the best fit for their application. While both are prefabricated cleanroom constructions that can control cleanliness and prevent contamination through air filtration systems, there are important differences between softwall and hardwall cleanrooms:

  • Many customers become interested in softwall cleanrooms due to the lower up-front cost and lower cost of operation. However, as hardwall cleanrooms last longer and perform better, they save you money in the long run and can be built to operate at a lower price point depending on your application.
  • While softwall cleanrooms keep out dust and organize an area, their flexible vinyl curtain “walls” do not control the area as well as hardwall constructions. Softwall cleanrooms work best as a component inside a hardwall cleanroom to organize the modular space.
  • While both softwall cleanrooms and hardwall cleanrooms create an enclosed space, it is much harder to control entry into a softwall cleanroom. Hardwall cleanrooms, meanwhile, are fully enclosed with ventilation systems in place within solid walls, creating an ideal setting for sensitive procedures.

Custom Hardwall Cleanroom Air Filtration Options

When meeting strict ISO standards is a concern for your cleanroom construction, effective air filtration is a top priority. We construct and build custom hardwall cleanrooms that use either a recirculating or once-through design. While recirculating air circulation is a popular choice, once-through offers cooling capacities and can be integrated into your existing air circulation system, saving you costs on HVAC installation and achieving your desired cleanliness level.

Learn More About Our Custom Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall Cleanroom Design 

If you’re still unsure whether your application requires a hardwall cleanroom or a softwall cleanroom, the experts at Vernick are here to help through our 8-Step Process for designing and constructing cleanrooms. We take the time to understand your goals and walk you through how each design decision will impact performance and cost.

Customer service is Vernick’s highest priority. We provide our clients the exact amount of control they require without oversupplying the need or overstepping the budget. We offer custom and standard turnkey hardwall cleanroom designs and constructions for environmentally controlled rooms, including:

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