Since 1985, Vernick has been a leader in cleanroom consultation, design, engineering, and the construction of turnkey cleanroom construction in the Midwest. From semiconductor manufacturers and microelectronics makers to medical device companies and compounding pharmacies, we’ve built cleanrooms for industries throughout Ohio and points beyond.

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Cleanroom Construction Services

Successful cleanroom construction projects follow certain practices that promote timely and budget-friendly completion. Proper planning involves setting appropriate design parameters, gaining buy-in from all levels of management, and providing clear direction for the design phase. The construction documents should be in accordance with recognized industry practices to ensure efficient procurement and construction planning. Effective operation and maintenance can only be achieved with a well-executed start-up and certification process that provides baseline data.

Cleanroom Design

It is important to recognize that cost savings can be achieved during the early stages of cleanroom construction. An experienced team understands the intricacies involved in designing a cleanroom, such as the need for proper airflow, filtration, and contamination control. They also have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the various codes and regulations that govern the design and construction of cleanrooms. By choosing an experienced team to design your cleanroom, you can rest assured that the project will be completed on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

Flexible & Personal Cleanroom Development

Vernick uses only the finest materials to construct both hardwall and softwall rooms, including dry rooms, metrology labs, and quality control laboratories, and we even offer specialized equipment to make them function the way you need. If a simpler controlled environment would suffice, a white room may be the best option.

What Is a Cleanroom?

Sometimes called a clean room, it’s an isolated area within a business or research facility designed to regulate environmental factors ranging from air pressure and contamination levels to temperature and humidity.

Governed by specifications set by the International Organization for Standardization, this controlled space is non-negotiable in many industries, including compounding pharmacies, aerospace engineering, and medical device manufacturing, just to name a few. When a lesser degree of control is needed, an environmental room, dry room, metrology lab, quality control laboratory, or modular office may be a better choice.

Over the years, Vernick has developed an eight-step process to help our clients find the most cost-effective solution for their specific needs. We start by discussing your goals for the project and hand over the keys only when we’ve met them. And that’s not the end: We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with clients, providing ongoing service and support.

What Type of Modular Cleanroom Do I Need?

Hardwall Cleanroom

When you want the privacy and function of a regular room, choose a hardwall cleanroom. Built with prefabricated, pre-finished rigid walls, these are completely enclosed rooms with their own air-handling systems. They are easily modified and moved.

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Softwall Cleanroom

A softwall option is perfect for isolating a process from the rest of the operation. Versatile vinyl curtains form the basis of this structure, and it can stand alone or function as a (clean)room within a (clean)room to create even more immaculate work zones.

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Both options are available in a variety of sizes and standards, all customizable to your exact specifications. We also carry the equipment and components you’ll need to make these rooms function as they should.

Our Process

Whether you need a few hundred square feet or a few thousand square feet of environmentally controlled space, we can build a room that meets your goals. We know the best ways to manage contamination, temperature, humidity, pressurization, and personnel access — and our eight-step process will pinpoint the ideal solution for your performance, timeline, and budget requirements:

Client Introduction

1. Introduction

In this phase, we learn about each other, your industry, set goals for the project, and have a high-level discussion of scope and cost.

Client Discovery

2. Discovery

Now we focus on gathering in-depth information to fully understand the scope of the project and your requirements.

Cleanroom Construction Ohio

3. Design

Our team meets with your team to talk through design decisions and their impact on performance and cost.

Cleanroom Construction Presentation Ohio

4. Present

We present the final cleanroom design and projected cost, confirming that it meets your objectives.

Design Revisions

5. Revise

We incorporate any revisions discussed during Step 4 to ensure the final design is perfect for you, whether it is one revision or 10.

Cleanroom Installation Ohio

6. Deliver

Once an agreement is reached, we bring the plans to fruition. This is the part we really enjoy, watching our collaborative efforts come to life.

Ohio Cleanroom Installation

7. Launch

When the project is a 100 percent success, we hand you the keys so you can begin doing what you do best!

Customer Service

8. Service

Never fear that you are on your own after the cleanroom installation. We pride ourselves on expert personal service, including employee training, precision cleaning and maintenance, and third-party certification — or whatever else you need.

Wondering about the time frame? Cleanroom construction can take six to eight weeks for a small room, while larger rooms take a bit longer. Of course, at Vernick we always do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs. For more information, consult our FAQ page or contact us at (844) 476-1464. We go above and beyond to bring your vision to reality. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we serve Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, and the surrounding areas.

Don’t settle for inferior construction. Trust the dedicated contractors at Vernick who have spent decades installing modular cleanrooms in Ohio and beyond. For more information about us and our services, which include separation partition installation and filtration & UV sterilization systems, peruse our FAQs, and then contact us at (844) 476-1464 to begin the design-build process. Based in Cleveland, we serve the Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Dayton areas.

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