As a leader in providing customers with high-quality cleanroom solutions since 1985, we at Vernick pride ourselves on making your decision process as easy and successful as possible. Our cleanrooms provide an isolated area within a facility designed to regulate environmental factors ranging from air pressure and contamination to temperature and humidity.

One option for establishing your facility’s environmental room is through a cleanroom turnkey operation. Our cleanroom turnkey solutions provide you with fast, high-quality, creative building solutions to meet any requirements while minimizing owner risk, saving costs, and meeting federal, state, and local agency guidelines.

Why Turnkey?

A cleanroom turnkey solution is an easily implemented option where all you must do is “turn the key” to begin. We design, build, and implement everything before the start of your project so you are ready to start immediately. While cleanroom turnkey products offer less individualization than custom designs, they provide unique opportunities and benefits.

Lower Risk

Your cleanroom turnkey operation creates far less risk for you, the owner. All responsibility comes from a single source from design to construction, which cuts down on any possible disputes and creates far greater flexibility to form an excellent team.

Higher Speed

Cleanroom turnkey operations are far more likely to finish ahead of schedule when compared to custom designs. Projects are easier to fast-track, and a high-quality product is delivered much more quickly. With all processes conducted in-house, there are fewer opportunities for unforeseen obstacles that delay delivery.

Lower Cost

Our cleanroom turnkey solutions save you time and money. You define and direct the most cost-effective delegation of funds. Cleanroom turnkey constructions give you financial flexibility and adaptability so that you can focus on other aspects of your project.

Higher Collaboration

You connect with our team to find the cleanroom turnkey solution which best fits your requirements. When it comes to your revisions in the design process, we will enact all of them—whether it is one change or ten. We will advise on cost, schedule, construction, and more in the building and implementing your turnkey cleanroom services.

Our Cleanroom Construction 8-Step Process

At Vernick, we strive to exceed industry standards for all your controlled environment needs. Each of our cleanroom turnkey operations is built following the same protocol to ensure high quality and your satisfaction. Our 8-Step Process lets us get to know you and your requirements in-depth, helps us meet your project’s goals, and pinpoints the ideal solution for your performance, timeline, and budget needs. This all allows us to provide you with quality customer service even after your environmental room installation is complete.

Further Cleanroom Solutions

In addition to our turnkey cleanroom operations, we offer a variety of other products to serve and meet the requirements for you, your business, and your project:

Turnkey Construction Solutions

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