Home to many different industries, Cincinnati is a thriving Ohio city that Vernick is proud to have worked in on numerous occasions, designing and installing cleanrooms. Whether yours is a new or established institution, call our friendly staff at (216) 373-2330 to discuss your controlled-environment needs.

Based in Cleveland, we serve the Ohio communities of Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, and beyond. Many of our happy clients hail from all over the Midwest, including Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Modular Cleanroom Cincinnati

The Versatile & Adaptable Modular Cleanroom

With industries running the gamut from aircraft engines and food products to robotics and chemicals, companies in and around Cincinnati produce a variety of items that depend upon strict standards to ensure consistency and safety. Since 1985, Vernick has established a reputation as a leader in cleanroom planning and implementation in the Midwest. Our decades of experience and outstanding personal service make us the smart choice for any project.

No matter your field or focus, our eight-step process will help us to plan a structure that will meet all your criteria. Our modular units are available in both softwall and hardwall options and are easily modified as your business needs evolve, whether it’s a dry room, metrology lab, or quality control laboratory. We understand how to build to the International Organization for Standardization code, and we can work on our own or with the assistance of your engineers.

Cincinnati Cleanroom Design

Environmental Room for More Relaxed Standards

When ISO classification isn’t a concern but other variables are, an environmental room, or white room, may be the perfect choice. Much of our work involves designing space that allows an end user to contain processes, enclose machinery or equipment, or follow rules regarding safety and quality. We’re experts at determining your needs and then creating the room that equips you to do what you do best. Vernick also designs and installs modular offices and mezzanines.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The right tools makes any job so much easier. Whether you want to replace outdated components or fill a new room with the latest equipment, Vernick has what you need. From laminar flow work stations to vinyl curtains, choose the pieces that make your work day a success instead of an exercise in frustration.

When your livelihood depends upon adherence to strict standards and regulations, count on Vernick to build a cleanroom that will perform exactly as you want it to. Still have questions? Peruse our FAQs, and then contact us at (216) 373-2330 to begin the design-build process today.

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