When your specific industry needs a highly controlled space to test research methods, operate specialized machinery, or conduct sterile procedures, there are several options to consider. Between environmental rooms, cleanrooms, and modular buildings, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your Cincinnati area business. Vernick & Associates can help your specialized industry choose which type of highly controlled room will be the perfect fit. For companies who need to meet the following standards, an environmental room just may be the best possible option.

When Does My Industry Need an Environmental Room?

Store Machinery or Inventory

Your industry may be looking for a clean space free from dust, light, and other outside elements, to store machinery or large amounts of inventory. You don’t necessarily need to control air pressure, meet strict ISO standards, or have cleanroom components available. An environmental room can provide effective, sanitary conditions without the accompanying rigid standards of a strictly controlled softwall cleanroom.

Restrict Material and Employee Access

In education circles, research needs to be conducted in a quiet space set apart for such specific purposes. Restricting people and materials is paramount for ensuring the research remains unaffected to any outside influence. An environmental room does not have the same strict standards as a cleanroom, but it can restrict access to outside elements or employees as needed.

Regulate Temperature or Humidity

Environmental rooms allow the user to control both temperature and humidity. While these rooms cannot restrict air particles, as a hardwall cleanroom can, they do have the ability to dictate precise temperature and accurate humidity. This can be especially valuable for coordinate measuring machine rooms or CMMs.

Environmental Rooms for Your Industry

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