Selecting a cleanroom for a new business or product doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Although there are many considerations and options, narrowing down the requirements for your situation is the most important step. Vernick & Associates is dedicated to helping your business understand its objectives and design the best solution for your cleanroom.


Particle Size

A deciding factor in constructing a cleanroom is determining what size particle you will need to filter out. Is it a specific size or a range of particles? In general, it’s wise to build a cleaner room than necessary and filter out lower level particles.


Most industries have a default classification that serves as a baseline. A little bit of research for your specific field and guidance from the experts at Vernick & Associates will help narrow down the exact classification needed for your business.

Air Needs

A cleanroom is designed to keep the outside environment from getting in. Airflow rate, direction, and pressurization are all essential in removing particles from the cleanroom.


Typically, two things contribute to contamination–people and the process. Contamination control requires controlling the entire environment. Understanding usage standards and having a strong knowledge of where contaminants originate are helpful in classifying your cleanroom.

Other Factors to Consider

Does your business need a single-pass or recirculating cleanroom? Is there a certain temperature or humidity your product needs? Do you need a softwall or hardwall cleanroom? Check out the other frequently asked questions to get started in researching your cleanroom classification.

Let us help you configure your space to meet industry standards or your own exacting specifications. Contact Vernick & Associates today at (216) 373-2330. We look forward to serving you!