There are a number of benefits to modular cleanroom construction and modular office building systems over conventional construction, not the least of which are the tax advantages to eligible businesses.

At Vernick & Associates, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to provide top-quality modular construction that meets customer needs and allows them to benefit from potential tax advantages.

Understanding the Tax Advantages of Modular Construction

The IRS Section 179 deduction allows a company to “recover all or part of the cost of certain qualifying property, up to a limit, by deducting it in the year you place the property in service,” rather than recovering the cost by taking depreciation deductions.

In other words, depreciation occurs over nearly 40 years with conventional construction, while depreciation for modular construction is only five to seven years. And what that means is that your business will see a much quicker return on investment.

Note: Tax laws change and can be somewhat confusing. We recommend you discuss the tax benefits of your modular cleanroom with your accountant or tax specialist for further information on the deduction and how it applies to your business.

Types of Modular Construction

At Vernick & Associates, we are experts in modular construction. Our designs help you save on your bottom line because installation is clean, quick, and low maintenance. Plus, modular construction can be reconfigured down the road should your needs, industry standards, or circumstances change. Our design-build team custom designs and builds modular:

  • modular construction mezzanine Vernick & AssociatesCleanrooms
  • Environmental rooms
  • Coordinate measuring machine rooms (also known as CMM rooms)
  • Server rooms
  • Inventory rooms
  • Break and lunch rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • And more…

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