When trying to choose the best modular cleanroom for your company, it’s helpful to know the various options that are currently available. Of course, the experts at Vernick & Associates are trained in helping you build a controlled environment that best fits your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the specific types of modular cleanrooms we build for our clients in the Columbus, OH, area. 

Specific Modular Cleanrooms for a Variety of Applications



A positive-pressure cleanroom is designed to protect the environment within the room itself. It creates internal air pressure that is greater than the pressure outside the cleanroom. in addition, it also reduces any particulates from leaking in through doors or unsealed areas of walls or ceilings. Positive pressure is created within the room by using:

  • Ceiling-mounted, self-powered fan-filter units (FFUs).
  • Hard walls made with solid plastic or steel.
  • Soft walls made with curtains or flexible vinyl strips.
  • Wall venting to exhaust cleanroom air.


Do you need to protect the outside environment from particulates created within the cleanroom itself? Then you need a negative-pressure modular cleanroom. These rooms are designed to keep contaminants that are created within the cleanroom environment from entering the outside atmosphere. Negative pressure is created through the use of:

  • Exhausting air handlers to exhaust air to a safe location.
  • HEPA filters to remove internal air.


In a single-pass cleanroom, the air is exhausted back out into the ambient environment. A single-pass cleanroom is a good option when temperature and humidity controls are not required. We use cleanroom components such as HEPA filters when exhausting the air out of a single-pass cleanroom.


A recirculating cleanroom is your best option when temperature and humidity controls are of the utmost importance. Once you’ve conditioned the air using a HEPA filter, you don’t want that filtered air to escape. As a result, this conditioned and filtered air allows for accurate and precise control of the temperature and humidity.

Cleanrooms for Your Specific Industry

As you can see, we provide cleanrooms for a wide variety of industry-specific companies and organizations. To schedule a consultation, contact us today at (844) 476-1464. We also design and construct modular offices, softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanrooms, and environmental rooms.