More than 8 million healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous drugs every year. Between receiving, preparing, administering, and transporting these drugs, numerous healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals daily. As the Baby Boomer population approaches retirement, more exposure is possible due to the increased patient volumes in hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing homes. Vernick & Associates is proud to offer solutions for the healthcare industry to reduce the risk of chemical exposure through the customized installation of cleanrooms and environmental rooms.

Hazardous Drugs: Handling in Healthcare Settings

Healthcare personnel must follow strict guidelines for handling toxic drugs to avoid negative side effects. USP, the United States Pharmacopeial Convention, supports global health and workplace safety pertaining to food and drugs. The ongoing review of pharmaceutical compounding also brings to light the importance of safe handing with hazardous chemicals. Creating safety standards to protect healthcare workers, USP offers guidance to enforce public health initiatives throughout healthcare settings.

What Is a Hazardous Drug?

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health identifies hazardous drugs as those being harmful to animals and/or humans and are associated with these negative characteristics:

  • Impact or damage DNA or GenesFind Controlled Environment Solutions for Safely Handling Hazardous Material in Healthcare
  • Cause Cancer
  • Contribute to Infertility
  • Impact embryo or fetus development
  • Cause developmental abnormalities
  • Cause organ damage
  • Mimic structure or function of a known hazardous drug

Customizing Cleanroom Technology

Each controlled environment is custom designed according to the needs of the organization to ensure quality, safety, and efficacy of the scientific application. The healthcare industry benefits from controlled environments to isolate hazardous drug testing and handling. We’ll review the application and recommend the exact environmental room to suit your needs.

Put safety first; contact Vernick & Associates to establish controlled environments and enforce public health initiatives. Contact us at (216) 373-2330 for a free consultation to create customized solutions using cleanroom technology in your business!

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