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Optic Cleanroom

Costco, a long-time customer of Vernick due to our reputation as experts in the cleanroom industry, functions as an international chain of membership warehouses that offer quality merchandise at substantially lower prices than their competitors. Costco enlisted Vernick to act as a main supplier of materials for their optic production cleanrooms and relied on Vernick for our industry expertise and project management.

When producing eyeglass lenses, grinding and polishing of material takes place. This requires that foriegn materials like dirt and dust never get introduced via the protection of a cleanroom. Without the protection of a cleanroom, entire batches of lenses could get ruined, resulting in a massive loss of profit for Costco. 

Vernick worked with architects MG2 to help design, select and supply the best type of materials for the cleanroom project such as wall panels, fan filter units, doors, ceiling tiles, the cleanroom’s grid, and flooring. Vernick also helped to guarantee, with our oversight, that Costco’s finished cleanroom expansion would be installed in line with industry best practices and compliance. 

Vernick also helped Costco re-use a lot of their previous modular cleanroom panels for this expansion. Our experts were able to access and plan around our previous files, eliminating capital investment and project lead times for Costco. 

As the exclusive coordinator of material importing, our team palletized materials, made sure they were internationally compliant for shipping, and organized shipments, borders and customs. This helped us to ensure that materials were getting to the project on time and in great condition.

Due to our partnership, Costco was able to expand their optics production facility in Mexico and increase inventory and profits through continued quality control and protection that our cleanrooms provide.

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