Each cleanroom and environmental room is designed and constructed to suit the needs of the customer. While a variety of industries utilize cleanrooms, each customer has unique applications requiring customization. In addition to the cleanroom specifications, customers also have a variety of components available to meet industry and regulatory needs. At Vernick & Associates, we have over 32 years of experience in design, construction, and installation of cleanroom solutions. Let’s discuss your needs for cleanroom technology today!

Air Shower Cleanroom Components Increase Project Efficiency

Cleanroom Components

Depending on your industry and use of cleanrooms and environmental rooms, you may benefit from additional components. This important equipment is crucial in efficiency and effectiveness of your projects.

Laminar Flow Work Stations

Control HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air to specific areas for assembly, testing, and inspection.

Pass-Thru Cabinets

The efficiency of labor and application are paramount to cost-effective projects. Increase productivity by installing pass-thru cabinets to move about controlled environments easily.

Air Showers

Remove surface contamination before personnel enters the cleanroom with an air shower.

Airborne Particle Counters

Install airborne particle counters to detect particles as small as 0.1 micron to ensure ongoing cleanroom performance.

Vinyl Curtains

Segment off areas within your cleanroom with vinyl curtains. These curtains vary in style, width, and length to create the ideal working space.

Component Needs

It’s important to evaluate the application and structural needs to optimize project results. Consider these factors in decision making:


Will this project have longevity and reliability for this and future projects?


Are the structure and added components necessary and function to achieve desired outcomes?


Is this project cost-effective, meeting construction budgets and paying off in long-term results?

Once the decision to build a cleanroom is made, it’s important to tailor the space to your exact needs. Cleanroom components are the added features to attain project efficiency and effectiveness. Contact the experts in cleanroom technology at Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330 to begin your cleanroom project.