Vernick & Associates has been providing clients with environmental rooms, cleanrooms, and related equipment for daily operations, along with exceptional customer service since 1985. For our pharmaceutical clients who are looking for options for their non-hazardous compounded sterile preparation (CSP) compounding facilities, one design option in compliance with USP 797 that we like to discuss is open architecture design.

What are open architecture cleanrooms?

According to Diorio and Thomas in their article “Open Architecture Design Considerations in the Cleanroom” for, “the fundamental aspect of open architecture cleanrooms is the ability to perform appropriate (i.e. non-hazardous) compounding operations without the use of an enclosure, by utilizing engineered airflow to protect products from contamination.” These cleanrooms include unidirectional vertical laminar flow (UVLF) workbenches and ceiling-mounted airfoils which direct HEPA-filtered air over all work areas and surfaces.

What are the benefits of open architecture design?

As with any design concept, open architecture has its advantages and disadvantages. A few benefits include:

  1. Greater work surface and compounding space per linear foot (compared to traditional cleanroom set-ups) are available.
  2. Stainless-steel work surfaces and other components are simple to clean, disinfect, and sanitize, thus providing ongoing time and cost savings.
  3. Open lines of sight offer a better view of the compounding suite.
  4. The engineered airflow and advanced air handling systems protect pharmaceutical products from contamination, ensuring staff and patient safety.  

Whether your pharmaceutical facility is undertaking new cleanroom construction or remodeling, we would be happy to explore the possibility of open architecture design with you. Contact Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330 to learn more about us or to discuss your project and begin the design-build process in compliance with USP 797 guidelines. We are located in Cleveland and serve clients from a variety of industries throughout Ohio and the Midwest. To hear what our clients have to say about our work, please browse through some of our recent reviews.