Modular Office Space
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Have you ever found your workspace to be inefficient or noisy? The open concept design is great in many instances, but it can sometimes be ineffective. The modern office requires partitions, glass wall enclosures, and security in addition to open space for community and collaboration.  New construction is costly and can halt production. Don’t stop your daily business just to achieve an optimal working environment. Let Vernick & Associates construct a modular office to meet the growing demands of your business.

What is a modular office space?

A modular office space is an enclosed room within an existing building. The design experts at Vernick & Associates will use long- lasting, durable materials to construct a room to meet the growing demands of your business.

What are the applications of modular offices?

The applications of modular offices are limitless and flexible.  With a variety of modern office designs and building materials, your office can maintain an open concept while adding enclosures for safety and security.   

Most common modular office uses include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Inventory storage
  • Break and lunch rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Security enclosures 

What are the design options of a modular office?

At Vernick & Associates, our objective is to customize and design our building projects for flexibility geared towards your intended use and budget. Our designs meet your diverse needs ranging from bi-level, fire safety, and security needs. 

The most common modular designs include: 

  • Mezzanine construction 
  • Glass office partitions
    • Fire resistant
    • Sound resistant 
  • Wall systems  
  • Energy efficiency
Don’t let your business operation suffer due to an inefficient design or layout. Let Vernick & Associates customize your space for versatility and flexibility. With fast, mess-free installation, your space will be transformed without the hassle of new construction. Located in Ohio, we are committed to serving the Midwest and beyond for business space designs.  Contact us to begin your modular office transformation today by calling (216) 373-2330.