Technological advancements move at lightning-fast pace. As a consumer or business owner, it can feel like the technology is obsolete by the time it’s implemented. With the importance of cleanroom and controlled environment designs and technology, how do you know it’s current? At Vernick & Associates, we specialize in building and maintaining custom designed and constructed cleanrooms. Serving a variety of industries throughout the Midwest, you can count on us to build a compliant and effective work environment.

The Latest in Cleanroom Technology

The Latest in Cleanroom Technology


As with any scientific recommendation, research is conducted to create standardized practices and compliance measures for the industry. Using precision equipment and components, we install the latest products and materials using evidence-based practices to ensure optimal results.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an international organization giving world-class specifications for industry products, services, and systems. Providing standards for cleanroom and environmental room technology, ISO guidelines provide a platform for international coordination and unification of standards. Our decades of experience and engineering expertise guarantee designs and construction that meet these strict standards.


After creating a custom design that is successfully launched, it’s time to get back to business and begin regular, daily operation. While our initial installation is complete, our comprehensive process means we are available for regular service, training, precision cleaning, and maintenance.


Regular use of equipment requires routine maintenance to perform at peak capacity. Consider upgrading existing environments as standards, preferences, or workloads change. Personalized services mean smooth transitions from softwall to hardwall rooms, making cost-effective changes to meet production demands.

Whether you’re considering new construction or need upgrades to an existing cleanroom structure, it’s important to work with the controlled environment experts to ensure compliance, accuracy, and the latest technology. Contact Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330 for a free cleanroom consultation today.

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