Is your business considering additional space? Traditional methods of construction can be an expensive and drawn out process. The low cost and flexibility of a modular office system may be the best option for your facility. Vernick & Associates offers a variety of options in modular offices and cleanrooms to meet your evolving needs.

Modular Office Cleveland Ohio

About Modular Offices

A modular office is an economical way to increase space for your business. Instead of investing in a brand new addition to your building, modular offices cost a great deal less and can be erected in as little as a few hours. Besides their cost-effectiveness, modular offices can be used for virtually any application and therefore maximize workspace functionality. 

Expanding Businesses

Growing businesses eventually have one common problem: space. Modular office systems are a great choice for companies who want to expand their space but lack the funding for additional property. In comparison to traditional construction, modular spaces can keep your business running without interruption. They also have the ability to be installed and moved quickly if there are sudden changes to the business needs. 

Meet Your Needs

Whether you are enclosing a server room or just need a break room for production staff, modular offices can mee your specific business needs. Customized to fit nearly any space, modular offices cause little impact to your business environment and allow for a separate and private space within your walls.

Contact the Experts

Vernick & Associates has been in the business of modular offices and cleanrooms since 1985. We understand that businesses are on a tight budget and need projects done on time. Our Ohio-based experts can help you navigate the process from concept to completion. We have worked in a variety of industries including energy, medical, defense, manufacturing, chemical, and more.

Contact us, or call (216) 373-2330 today to get started on the design of your new modular office space. Vernick serves ColumbusCincinnatiToledoDayton, and locations beyond.