Cleanroom technology is crucial in research and development throughout the world. Stabilizing the environment in production allows industries to isolate variables for economic and efficient innovation. As the leader in Midwest cleanroom construction, Vernick & Associates is proud to bring cleanroom technology to a variety of industries. 

Industries Using CleanroomsResearch

  • Medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotech industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Food processing and packaging industry

The advancements resulting from cleanroom technology impacts Americans daily. It’s amazing to think what our lives would be like without the latest medical and technological innovations. Cleanrooms expedite invention resulting in life-saving innovations!

Benefits of Cleanroom Technology in Research & Development

Zero Contamination

Cleanrooms control air flow rates and direction, pressurization, temperature, and humidity. Controlling airflow removes the risk of airborne contamination from dust, microbes, chemical vapor, and water vapor. Without the risk of contamination, research is faster and more effective.

Competitive Products

Cleanrooms help researchers isolate variables without interruption. Maximizing valuable resources lowers production cost for less expensive end products. Streamlining research efforts means efficient development and manufacturing for a cost-effective, competitive product. 

Regulation Compliance

All cleanrooms are built with specifications governed by the International Organization for Standardization. Cleanroom technology controls environmental factors for heightened safety and sanitation compliance. We design and construct cleanrooms with specialized equipment for functionality and adherence to government regulations.

Customizable Construction

Each cleanroom construction project is made to exact specifications for the customer. Customized cleanrooms are built to meet and exceed industry standards. With flexibility and customization of cleanroom construction, we build long-term relationships with clients to provide ongoing service and support.

With a one-time investment of a cleanroom, companies can remain competitive and innovative in their fields. Controlling research and development environments results in swift testing for economic advancements in various industries. If you’re looking to streamline research processes with a controlled environment, contact Vernick & Associates for a free consultation for cleanroom construction at (216) 373-2330.

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