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Industrial Cleanroom

Newman Gasket, located in Lebanon, OH,  is a sanitary gasket company that got their start working in the dairy industry. Over time, Newman Gasket expanded their operation, now producing injection-molded gaskets for the pharmaceutical and bio pharmaceutical industries. Newman Gasket employed Vernick to help aid their rapid growth via a modular cleanroom system.

Newman Gasket chose to work with us due to our unique design-build process and years of industry experience.

Vernick designed and built an ISO class 7 modular cleanroom for Newman Gasket. Located inside of their expanded warehouse, our modular cleanroom met internal standards. Given the cleanroom was ISO class 7, we could guarantee a repeated production of high-quality parts.

Since our client needed an overhead crane, Vernick also ensured that the cleanroom would operate properly despite the increased size of the facility.

Our team provided the modular cleanroom wall system, the required associated electrical and HVAC systems, over 100 fan filter units, an air shower, pass-throughs, and controls.

Due to our partnership, Newman Gasket was able to increase their production process from four injection-molders to five. Also, given they utilized a modular system, our client received peace of mind knowing they could further grow their operation in the future and branch into medical device production.

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