The corner office is the highly coveted position garnering a high-rise office space with skyline views and privacy behind closed doors. However, the office dynamics in the digital workforce are turning traditional status symbols into antiquated ideals. Long gone are the times of seclusion; welcome the modern office design featuring open concepts to spark creative thinking and conversations. Does your office space warrant a redesign for innovation? At Vernick & Associates, we offer customizable modular office solutions to bring your organization to peak performance with collaboration.

Embrace Open Concept Office Designs to Increase Innovation for ResultsEmbracing Workplace Design Innovation

There are a variety of design theories from Feng Shui to minimalism that are trendy in the home and workplace. The common theme is functionality. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, it’s considered clutter and needs to be removed from the space. The modern work environment is designed to bring brain power to the forefront with creative communication. Let us transform your space to exceed your expectations!

Collaboration Inspiration

Remove walls and segregation in the office with a cluster-style arrangement allowing for interaction amongst colleagues. Modular office space allows flexibility in office configurations, optimizing space. Many Fortune 500 companies have adopted strategic office placement to spark idea generation and cross-functional team collaboration for optimal problem-solving.

Positive Perspectives

Clean spaces with bright colors and lighting give your office space a refreshing atmosphere that encourages positivity in staff and visitors. The open concept office space allows light to travel visually removing restrictions while increasing functionality.

Cost Conscious

Modular offices are designed to be installed quickly with little maintenance and long-lasting materials. These office solutions cost a fraction of new construction and provide unlimited potential in arrangement with the ability to expand, move, and adjust.

Optimize your office dynamics to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and results for your organization with customizable modular office solutions. Contact Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330 to begin your process-improvement strategies today!