Cleanrooms are controlled environments that meet strict federal, state, and local guidelines. When using a cleanroom for an industrial application, you often can find yourself having to move and relocate heavy, unwieldy materials. This situation is when a cleanroom crane becomes an invaluable asset as a part of your cleanroom setup.

What Are Cleanroom Cranes?

Cleanroom cranes lift and move heavy or delicate components within a cleanroom or other controlled environment while preventing accidents. To maintain cleanliness standards from start to finish, cleanroom cranes are often manufactured inside cleanrooms.

Since 1985, Vernick has designed and constructed cleanrooms for a wide range of industries. We create custom setups based on individual requirements determined during our 8-Step Process for turnkey cleanroom design and construction. We get to know you and your goals, and we help you determine if a cleanroom crane is suitable for your application.

Considerations for Cleanroom Cranes

1.   Plan Ahead

As with any aspect of cleanroom design and construction, it is vital to understand how you want your cleanroom crane to function and perform within your controlled environment before installation occurs. Consider which equipment and components will share the space with your cleanroom crane, the size of your cleanroom, and how your work proceeds during your planned process.

2.   Accuracy

No matter your application, you want your cleanroom crane to deliver accurate work. Materials must be able to be moved without fear of accidents, such as crushing or dropping during the transportation process. Accurate cleanroom cranes will help you to create high-quality, uncontaminated products.

3.   Cleanliness

Any component placed into your cleanroom needs to be, well, clean! Cleanroom cranes should be designed and constructed to be easily sanitized and cleaned to prevent contamination within your controlled environment. Whether you’re manufacturing pharmaceuticals, conducting injection molding, or creating medical devices, every aspect of your cleanroom must be controlled and hygienic to produce the best quality products possible for your application.

4.   Portability

Vernick’s hardwall and softwall cleanrooms offer adaptability and flexibility. At any point after implementation, we can return to adjust your cleanroom to fit your growing business needs. We’ve found that many of our clients also desire portable and flexible cleanroom crane options. As cleanroom cranes can be ceiling mounted, stand on casters, or installed using other configurations, we work with you to design and construct a cleanroom setup and crane that fits your application requirements.

Custom Cleanroom Design & Construction for Any Industry

At Vernick, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all your expectations for the performance of your cleanroom. We can meet any standard and create controlled environments for any industry or application. In the past, we have constructed cleanrooms in virtually every industry, including:

  • Injection Molding
  • Automotive
  • Medical Device
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor
  • And others.

No matter your application, we have the expertise to help you select a cleanroom crane or other components for your industrial cleanroom. Contact us today to learn more.