Cleanrooms and environmental rooms are designed to maintain a highly controlled environment. While an environmental room is a more relaxed version of a cleanroom, a cleanroom offers higher restrictions to drastically reduce the number of contaminants. Although the differences between the two spaces are not drastic, they are necessary to ensure your processes and products meet specific toxin-free standards. Vernick and Associates can help you make the best decision for your unique manufacturing needs.

Cleanroom vs. Environmental Room

Which Room Is Best for Your Company?

When deciding between a cleanroom and environmental room, consider the following points regarding the particular standards your business requires:

  • Prior to arrival, are the materials being used in your manufacturing process simply cleaned and wiped down or created in a cleanroom environment?
  • Are the parts or devices used in your production process held up to the same strict guidelines your company requires?
  • How does the vendor operate its facility?
  • Do they operate their facility within the same contaminant-free standards you expect?

The only way to ensure you produce a completely contaminant-free product is to begin with a completely contaminant-free product.

Features of an Environmental Room

Environmental rooms do not need to meet the same strict standards required for cleanrooms. They typically include the following features:

  • Limit the number of contaminants
  • Controls the level of airborne particles but does not completely eliminate them
  • Provides a safe and clean process regarding all materials being assembled
  • Restricts personnel access

Features of a Cleanroom

Cleanrooms are required to meet very specific criteria that eliminate nearly all sources of contamination. They typically include these features:

  • Prevents cross-contamination from any other agents within the same space
  • Restricts toxic agents with sealed walls and floors
  • Conducts air quality reviews on a consistent basis
  • Controls both the temperature and humidity
  • Offers complete separation from the outside environment

The dedicated contractors at Vernick can answer all of your questions regarding cleanrooms and environmental rooms and can recommend which ones are best for your unique manufacturing process. Contact us at (216) 373-2330 for a free consultation. We happily serve the Ohio communities of Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, and beyond.