Building and maintaining a complex system of hardwall cleanrooms in a university setting requires a company that understands the specifications unique to higher education. Vernick & Associates is proud to assist educational campuses within the greater Cleveland area with the entire cleanroom process, from start to finish. Whether your team is looking for assistance in the areas of science, engineering, medical, agriculture, or several other fields, adding the following components will keep your cleanroom working at 100% efficiency.

Cleanrooms & Universities: Cleanroom Components for Higher Education

Recirculating Air System

Recirculating air systems are particularly helpful when the control of the air inside the cleanroom is of the utmost importance. More effective than a single-pass system, a recirculating air system does not re-use the filtered air. It tightly controls the temperature and humidity inside the hardwall cleanroom.

Particle Monitoring Systems

Most airborne contaminants are invisible to the human eye. This is where an airborne particle counter can help monitor the number of particles inside the cleanroom. While you can hire independent companies to perform particle testing, it’s extremely valuable to have your own particle monitoring tools to ensure the performance of the air within the cleanroom.

Laminar Flow Workstations

When testing, inspecting, or assembling within a small space, a laminar flow workstation is a perfect option for these critical processes. We provide workstations in a vertical or horizontal flow that use HEPA- or ULTA-filtered air.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Protect the work area and your students from dangerous and hazardous elements such as corrosives, acids, and flammable or combustible liquids. These cabinets come in a variety of sizes and materials, and we are happy to recommend the best options for your unique learning environment.

Choose Vernick for Your University Cleanroom

Our team is happy to assist your department in creating the best cleanroom environment for your particular needs. Contact Vernick at (844) 476-1464 for a free consultation. Along with our hardwall cleanrooms, we also provide softwall cleanrooms, environmental rooms, and modular offices. Located in Cleveland, we are proud to also serve Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and all nearby communities.