Cleanroom and controlled environment technology are important for research and development involving chemicals and medicines. Building the appropriate structure for direct application is vital. Since 1985, Vernick & Associates has been the expert in cleanroom designs for the Ohio area. Custom designs are built to the exact specifications to meet industry standard and building capabilities. 

It’s important to work with the cleanroom experts with experience for optimal design and construction. Our first step is identifying the proper materials for your specific industry and projects. Each individual piece of the cleanroom is specially selected with purpose in mind. The walls of your cleanroom are the barriers keeping your cleanroom from contamination. So, what’s the difference between hardwall and softwall cleanrooms? 

Cleanroom Options: Hardwall vs. Softwall  

Hardwall Cleanroom  
  • Material: prefabricated, demountable wall systems  
  • Features: stable, private
  • Purpose: highest level of control keeping airborne contaminants out  
 Softwall Cleanrooms    
  • Material: flexible, vinyl curtains
  • Features: portable enclosure in any size
  • Purpose: coverage for safety to contain dust and sound 

Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall CleanroomHardwall cleanrooms hold higher pressure differentials than softwall options to prevent particulate intrusion. This material will completely enclose rooms with vents to exhaust air. If you’re looking for temperature, humidity, and positive/negative pressure control in your cleanroom, hardwall materials are necessary.

Softwall Cleanrooms

Softwall CleanroomIf your operation simply needs an enclosed, controlled environment for clean zones, a softwall cleanroom is your answer. Using flexible vinyl curtains for the softwall structure, these cleanrooms are designed for enclosing portable frame systems or for improving laminar flow areas above work spaces. Softwall cleanrooms are ideal for dust control, sound control, and safety. Available in any size and a variety of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) cleanliness classifications, softwalls are great for fast construction and expansion.

Cleanroom ISO classifications include cleanliness by:

  • Particle concentration
  • Chemical concentration
  • Energy efficiency
  • Biocontamination control

Being mindful of budgets, it’s important that the materials you’re using facilitate the task at hand and reach your end goals. Understanding your cleanroom needs will help determine which material is needed to construct your cleanroom. Utilizing our specialized equipment, your cleanroom will operate to your exact needs. With a consultation from the cleanroom experts at Vernick & Associates, your cleanroom design, construction, and the application will be customized to suit your needs. To begin your cleanroom project, call Vernick & Associates at (216) 373-2330, or visit us online.