4 FAQs Regarding Softwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall and softwall cleanrooms provide a sterile space for procedures to be performed in a strictly controlled environment. Maybe you’re considering adding one of these rooms to an existing facility in the Columbus area but aren’t quite sure which type of cleanroom is best. The team at Vernick & Associates can help you choose a cleanroom for your specific needs. Take a look at these four frequently asked questions regarding our well-built and efficient softwall cleanrooms. 1. What Is the Advantage of a Softwall Cleanroom vs. a Hardwall Cleanroom?Each type of environmental room has its unique advantages. Softwall cleanrooms are portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble. With this type of space, an extra room can be easily and efficiently added, in very little time. They are also cost-efficient as they don’t require any permanent construction to take place.2. How Do Softwall Cleanrooms Provide a Sterile Environment?Softwall cleanrooms, also known as process … Continued

Why Cleanrooms Are Necessary for the Manufacturing Industry

With the strict standards many manufacturing processes must follow today, cleanrooms are the ideal solution for maintaining rigidly-controlled environments. Both the hardwall and softwall cleanrooms from Vernick & Associates have the ability to provide control over humidity, air contamination, air pressure, and temperature. Along with ensuring a consistent and meticulous work environment, our cleanrooms also provide the following benefits necessary for a clean manufacturing process.Restricted AccessOur hardwall cleanrooms are designed to limit access only to necessary staff and personnel. Other employees that are not essential to the manufacturing process can accidentally bring unwanted dust, particles, and other pollutants with them. Contaminant-Free EnvironmentThe rigid walls of a hardwall cleanroom are designed to ensure that the room is completely closed off from the outside environment. These pre-fabricated wall systems work perfectly with a recirculating air system, especially when your specific process needs the added advantage of a strict contaminant-free environment.Strict Levels of ControlFor … Continued

Update Your Cleanroom with Our Comprehensive 8-Step Process (Part 1)

When it’s time to update the cleanrooms in your facility, there are several factors to consider. Not only do you need to evaluate the exact specifications for the newly renovated environment, you also need to review the financial costs of the final project and any maintenance requirements of the updated space. Since 1985, the team at Vernick & Associates has been assisting numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, health and medical, and academia, in updating their hardwall and softwall cleanrooms. Our 8-step process carefully and thoroughly reviews, investigates, designs, and presents your specific industry with a custom-built cleanroom and an environmentally controlled space.

Choosing the Best Materials for Your Cleanroom: Hardwall vs. Softwall Cleanrooms

Cleanroom and controlled environment technology are important for research and development involving chemicals and medicines. Building the appropriate structure for direct application is vital. Since 1985, Vernick & Associates has been the expert in cleanroom designs for the Ohio area. Custom designs are built to the exact specifications to meet industry standard and building capabilities. 

Understanding HEPA Filtration in Cleanrooms

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters are key components of cleanrooms. As cleanroom industry experts, we at Vernick & Associates field many queries from clients regarding their air filtration systems.  Below are the answers to a few of the most common questions we hear regarding HEPA filters.

Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction in Manufacturing Facilities

At Vernick & Associates, we take pride in delivering efficient, cost-effective, custom modular construction of cleanrooms and office spaces along with superior service to our customers throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Modular construction offers several advantages over traditional construction methods, particularly within manufacturing industries.Why Choose Modular Construction?Custom design-build – With Vernick’s design-build approach, customers get exactly what they need with our custom hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, and modular offices.Timelines and cost – Modular construction takes less time to build, reducing labor costs for the client. Additionally, with our design-build team working together throughout the process, there are fewer delays and no scheduling conflicts.Quick and clean – There is very little on-site construction with modular structures. They are assembled on-site with little dust or other construction debris, and they go up quickly with minimal disruptions or effects on production.Adaptability – In the case of future expansions, business changes, or changes to … Continued