8 Steps to Creating a Cleanroom: Part 2

At Vernick & Associates, we design and build top-quality cleanrooms to ensure that our clients’ facilities are in compliance with their particular industry standards and regulations. Because the cleanroom design-build process is so exacting and our clients are all unique, it is important for us to adhere to our 8-step process to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction on every project.

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms: Construction and Design

Don’t let ISO and USP 797 regulations for pharmaceutical cleanrooms overwhelm you. Vernick & Associates, the experts in cleanroom design and construction, will work through the regulations and how they apply to your facility to ensure that you’ll have a top-quality cleanroom that complies with industry standards on time and on budget. Our professional team is on top of pharmaceutical industry regulations and changes and will help you adapt your facility as needed.

8 Steps to Creating a Cleanroom: Part 1

At Vernick & Associates, we take great pride in helping our customers get the cleanroom environment they need for optimal work and product satisfaction. Toward that end, we have designed an 8-step process that helps us be leaders in the cleanroom industry—and the reason why our satisfied customers trust us with their environmental control needs. If you’re considering our services, we encourage you to take some time to get to know our process in this two-part series.