Add Much-Needed Space with Our Convenient Modular Offices

Modular offices provide a convenient alternative to the construction of storage spaces, private offices, or conference rooms. These affordable spaces are not limited to traditional building design. With the expert production team at Vernick & Associates, we can help you design a unique space that is inexpensive and faster to build than any other conventional building. Consider utilizing a modular office to add one of these beneficial areas to your business. Private Office Are you looking to add a few private offices within a much larger work space? A modular office creates a quiet area to hold one-on-one meetings, make private phone calls, or to simply work in a calm, productive space. Breakroom When you need a quality breakroom inside of a large factory, a modular space is an exceptional solution. It can provide a safe and improved air-quality environment away from the noise and chaos of loud machinery. Conference … Continued

4 Benefits of Utilizing Modular Office Buildings

Do you find yourself in immediate need of additional office space, but don’t want to compromise on quality materials? Are you looking to add a break room or large conference room without the messy construction that typically follows? The professional team at Vernick & Associates can provide all of these, and more, with modular office buildings. Not only do they provide the added space your business needs, they also do it with 4 major benefits.

Is a Modular Office Right for My Business?

Is your business considering additional space? Traditional methods of construction can be an expensive and drawn out process. The low cost and flexibility of a modular office system may be the best option for your facility. Vernick & Associates offers a variety of options in modular offices and cleanrooms to meet your evolving needs.

Advancing Science & Technology: Together We Can Build Something Great

Building key partnerships is one step to success in every industry. In the science and technology field, each partner leverages the latest information to launch new initiatives in the medical, pharmaceutical, technology, and automotive industries, among many others. At Vernick & Associates, our passion is building customized cleanrooms, environmental rooms, and modular offices with the finest equipment and components available.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration with Modular Office Solutions

The corner office is the highly coveted position garnering a high-rise office space with skyline views and privacy behind closed doors. However, the office dynamics in the digital workforce are turning traditional status symbols into antiquated ideals. Long gone are the times of seclusion; welcome the modern office design featuring open concepts to spark creative thinking and conversations. Does your office space warrant a redesign for innovation? At Vernick & Associates, we offer customizable modular office solutions to bring your organization to peak performance with collaboration.

Risk Mitigation: Controlled Environments for Handling Hazardous Drugs

More than 8 million healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous drugs every year. Between receiving, preparing, administering, and transporting these drugs, numerous healthcare workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals daily. As the Baby Boomer population approaches retirement, more exposure is possible due to the increased patient volumes in hospitals, surgery centers, and nursing homes. Vernick & Associates is proud to offer solutions for the healthcare industry to reduce the risk of chemical exposure through the customized installation of cleanrooms and environmental rooms.

Sterile Compounding : Top Questions Answered on USP Updates

The United States Pharmacopeia Convention is a nonprofit, science-based organization with a mission to improve confidence in medicinal drugs and foods. By establishing standards, known as USP, the general public is assured of quality, safety, and efficacy of medical drug interventions. Influencing a wide range of industries including pharmacology, medical, food, and beverage, these standards are continually reviewed to account for the latest science and technology. As a partner to ensure public health and safety, the engineers at Vernick & Associates implement the latest industry standards to provide optimal, compliant cleanroom solutions.

Morphing Your Workspace with a Modular Office

Have you ever found your workspace to be inefficient or noisy? The open concept design is great in many instances, but it can sometimes be ineffective. The modern office requires partitions, glass wall enclosures, and security in addition to open space for community and collaboration.  New construction is costly and can halt production. Don’t stop your daily business just to achieve an optimal working environment. Let Vernick & Associates construct a modular office to meet the growing demands of your business.

Top 5 Advantages of Modular Construction in Manufacturing Facilities

At Vernick & Associates, we take pride in delivering efficient, cost-effective, custom modular construction of cleanrooms and office spaces along with superior service to our customers throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Modular construction offers several advantages over traditional construction methods, particularly within manufacturing industries.Why Choose Modular Construction?Custom design-build – With Vernick’s design-build approach, customers get exactly what they need with our custom hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, and modular offices.Timelines and cost – Modular construction takes less time to build, reducing labor costs for the client. Additionally, with our design-build team working together throughout the process, there are fewer delays and no scheduling conflicts.Quick and clean – There is very little on-site construction with modular structures. They are assembled on-site with little dust or other construction debris, and they go up quickly with minimal disruptions or effects on production.Adaptability – In the case of future expansions, business changes, or changes to … Continued

The Tax Advantages of Modular Cleanroom Construction

There are a number of benefits to modular cleanroom construction and modular office building systems over conventional construction, not the least of which are the tax advantages to eligible businesses. At Vernick & Associates, we pride ourselves in working with our clients to provide top-quality modular construction that meets customer needs and allows them to benefit from potential tax advantages.