9 Tips for Maintaining Your Modular Cleanroom

Maintaining a modular cleanroom is essential for ensuring that it functions effectively at controlling contaminants and maintaining a sterile environment. Whether you are using a modular cleanroom for research, manufacturing, or another purpose, proper maintenance is key to keeping it running smoothly. Keep reading to find out a few tips to help you maintain your modular cleanroom.1. Follow a regular cleaning scheduleIt is important to keep your modular cleanroom clean and free of contaminants at all times. Develop a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it to ensure that your cleanroom stays as clean as possible. This might include daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks.2. Use the right cleaning materialsDifferent types of modular cleanrooms may require different cleaning materials. For example, a modular cleanroom used for an industrial application may require different cleaning materials than one used for life sciences. Make sure you are using the right materials for your … Continued

Benefits of Building a Modular Cleanroom

In a variety of sectors, modular cleanrooms are rising in popularity. This kind of cleanroom may be used for a variety of tasks, from manufacturing to medical and pharmaceutical operations, and is quick to build and simple to maintain.In this blog post, we’ll be discussing what a modular cleanroom system is, and why a modular cleanroom design may be the best solution for you.What Are Modular Cleanrooms?A modular cleanroom is a cleanroom that is constructed from prefabricated parts that are installed on-site according to your specifications. These pre-fabricated parts include wall and ceiling panels as well as unique elements like air locks and pass-through chamber panels.Depending on the use and classification requirements for your cleanroom, there are a variety of modular cleanroom design alternatives. It is possible for modular cleanrooms to integrate existing walls and structures from your factory or facility or to stand alone as standalone buildings.They can also … Continued

6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Solution: Part 2

Portable rooms, like modular offices, are a quality way to add more space to your already tight office building, warehouse, or manufacturing area. In the last blog article, we discussed three reasons a modular office is an ideal solution for any business. Modular spaces can offer a temporary fix that is budget-friendly as well as quick and easy to set-up. Keep reading to find out why customers at Vernick & Associates are pleasantly surprised by these flexible and modern facilities. 

6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Solution: Part 1

Modular offices are a valuable solution for additional work or business spaces. Whether you need another meeting space, storage for extra inventory, or your business is outgrowing its current building, Vernick & Associates can design and build a modular solution for your specific requirements. If your company has the following needs, take the time to give us a call today. 

3 Modular Room Applications for the Manufacturing Industry

Adding space to a large manufacturing warehouse or factory can seem like an impossible task. But, with the modular office solutions from Vernick & Associates, we can design and build a customized space for your building in much less time than a traditional build would take. Maybe you need an office for the warehouse manager, a new break room for your employees, or a dedicated meeting room. While there are a number of reasons you may need additional space, consider the three viable applications below.

5 Applications for Modular Offices in the Healthcare Industry

Is your medical building expanding within the next year? Odds are that you will need additional space in order to meet the needs of your growing medical practice. Modular offices from Vernick & Associates can help provide that much-needed space to better serve your community. Utilizing our modular building systems will be a valuable addition for the five applications listed below.

Add Much-Needed Space with Our Convenient Modular Offices

Modular offices provide a convenient alternative to the construction of storage spaces, private offices, or conference rooms. These affordable spaces are not limited to traditional building design. With the expert production team at Vernick & Associates, we can help you design a unique space that is inexpensive and faster to build than any other conventional building. Consider utilizing a modular office to add one of these beneficial areas to your business.

4 Benefits of Utilizing Modular Office Buildings

Do you find yourself in immediate need of additional office space, but don’t want to compromise on quality materials? Are you looking to add a break room or large conference room without the messy construction that typically follows? The professional team at Vernick & Associates can provide all of these, and more, with modular office buildings. Not only do they provide the added space your business needs, they also do it with 4 major benefits.

Is a Modular Office Right for My Business?

Is your business considering additional space? Traditional methods of construction can be an expensive and drawn out process. The low cost and flexibility of a modular office system may be the best option for your facility. Vernick & Associates offers a variety of options in modular offices and cleanrooms to meet your evolving needs.

Advancing Science & Technology: Together We Can Build Something Great

Building key partnerships is one step to success in every industry. In the science and technology field, each partner leverages the latest information to launch new initiatives in the medical, pharmaceutical, technology, and automotive industries, among many others. At Vernick & Associates, our passion is building customized cleanrooms, environmental rooms, and modular offices with the finest equipment and components available.