Modular offices provide a convenient alternative to the construction of storage spaces, private offices, or conference rooms. These affordable spaces are not limited to traditional building design. With the expert production team at Vernick & Associates, we can help you design a unique space that is inexpensive and faster to build than any other conventional building. Consider utilizing a modular office to add one of these beneficial areas to your business.

Add Much Needed Space With Our Convenient Modular Offices

Private Office

Are you looking to add a few private offices within a much larger work space? A modular office creates a quiet area to hold one-on-one meetings, make private phone calls, or to simply work in a calm, productive space.


When you need a quality breakroom inside of a large factory, a modular space is an exceptional solution. It can provide a safe and improved air-quality environment away from the noise and chaos of loud machinery.

Conference Room

Hold confidential meetings or get some much-need team-based work with a large quiet conference room. Our team can customize it to the size and shape you need to hold larger meetings that won’t disrupt the day-to-day operations of your company.

Upper-Level Mezzanine

Do you have a large factory with no floor space left to utilize? An upper-level mezzanine can make the most of the available unused space above the manufacturing space. We can create a usable room, platform, or storage area that allows you to optimize the available space and also still give you access to the production floor. Our team can create a number of rooms including:

  • Equipment platforms
  • Storage mezzanines
  • Work platforms
  • Supervision areas

The modular offices and rooms provided by Vernick & Associates are available in one- and two-story designs. They provide maximum flexibility, allowing you to change their shape and space for any future needs. Contact us for a free consultation by calling (216) 373-2330. We also offer environmental rooms, hardwall cleanrooms, and softwall cleanrooms in Columbus, Cinncinatti, Dayton, and Toledo, OH.