cleanrooms OhioAt Vernick & Associates, we design and build top-quality cleanrooms to ensure that our clients’ facilities are in compliance with their particular industry standards and regulations. Because the cleanroom design-build process is so exacting and our clients are all unique, it is important for us to adhere to our 8-step process to ensure exceptional results and customer satisfaction on every project.

Let’s review!

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we discussed the first four steps in our eight-step cleanroom design and construction process. The first four steps include:

  1. The introduction/getting to know you phase
  2. The discovery phase
  3. The initial design
  4. The presentation of design and projected budget

Next Steps…

5. Revise

During this phase, we’ll make the revisions that you requested during step 4 to ensure that the final design meets your precise vision.

6. Deliver

Once we agree on the final revisions, the construction process can begin. This is where our expertise and your valuable input begin to really show through as our team of professionals complete the build phase.

7. Launch

Possibly everyone’s favorite step in the process is the launch. This is the point when the build and installation are complete, you are completely satisfied with the end-product, and the cleanroom is ready for you to put to use.

8. Service

When dealing with the professionals at Vernick & Associates, you can rest assured that we take this final phase as seriously as the first.  After installation, we continue to be available for expert services such as employee training, third-party certification, precision cleanroom cleaning and maintenance, and much more.

To take the first steps toward the completion of your unique cleanroom or environmental room project or simply to discuss your needs, contact us at (216) 373-2330 anytime. Vernick & Associates of Cleveland, OH, is the leader in cleanroom design and construction in Ohio and throughout the Midwest with countless satisfied customers in a wide range of industries.