Portable rooms, like modular offices, are a quality way to add more space to your already tight office building, warehouse, or manufacturing area. In the last blog article, we discussed three reasons a modular office is an ideal solution for any business. Modular spaces can offer a temporary fix that is budget-friendly as well as quick and easy to set-up. Keep reading to find out why customers at Vernick & Associates are pleasantly surprised by these flexible and modern facilities. 

6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Space Solution: Part 2

4. Modern Amenities Available

Are you wondering if a modular office can provide the same type of amenities a typical office space can? No need to wonder; the answer is yes! All of our modular office solutions include the following elements:

  • Carpet
  • Wiring
  • HVAC systems
  • Restrooms

We can easily customize the space to fit your specific space requirements.

5. Ease of Flexibility

Maybe your company experiences an exceptionally busy time during certain parts of the year, or your shipping and delivery capacity increases during the holidays. If your manufacturing or office space needs vary from season to season, a modular office provides amazing flexibility. We can add or remove these portable buildings as your needs require. 

6. More Space Needed

One of the prime reasons we service our customers is a need for more space. This can range from additional office space to extra meeting rooms to more storage areas. If you have absolutely no more available square footage inside your building, there are several other ways to add the space that your business needs. We can add a modular room or rooms to your parking lot. We’ve also helped our customers by thinking vertically and adding rooms above already used space. The possibilities truly are endless!

Custom Design & Construction

Learn more about our modular office design and creation process by contacting us at (844) 476-1464. Vernick services the Dayton area with our hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, cleanroom components, and environmental rooms.