Modular offices are a valuable solution for additional work or business spaces. Whether you need another meeting space, storage for extra inventory, or your business is outgrowing its current building, Vernick & Associates can design and build a modular solution for your specific requirements. If your company has the following needs, take the time to give us a call today. 

6 Reasons a Modular Office Is an Ideal Solution: Part 1

1. Quick Set-Up

When you need additional office space quickly, a portable modular office solution is your answer. In fact, they take much less time to construct than a traditional build. The team at Vernick can quickly set up a temporary space for a wide range of business or manufacturing applications. From office space to meeting rooms to storage areas, our modular offices are easy and simple for us to design and assemble. 

2. Budget-Friendly

A portable modular office is a much less expensive alternative to a traditionally constructed addition. While prices do vary according to your specific needs, our team will work with you to build a space that best fits your needs, as well as your budget. Whether your needs include extra room for new staff or additional space for operational tasks, we’ll help you design the exact space your company requires.

3. Temporary Solution

Do you need a temporary space while you’re remodeling or adding on to your current facility? Then, a portable modular room is the solution your company’s needs. There’s no need to completely end business operations while waiting for your new space to be built. Simply move your operations to a separate building if your business is able to do so. Consider moving your shipping/delivery process, supervisor operations, or team meetings to the new temporary space.

Flexible Space for Any Use

Vernick offers free consultations for all of our modular and cleanroom building projects. Contact our office today at (844) 476-1464. We work with industries across the Cincinnati area, to design and create hardwall cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, modular offices, and environmental rooms.