Cleanroom equipment is of the utmost importance when your business needs to meet precise standards for running tests or conducting analyses. Basic equipment such as air filters, ceiling systems, and lighting components are necessary for any contaminant-sensitive environment. Vernick & Associates has a large variety of these and other specific equipment that are essential for your particular business or industry.

Contaminant-Reducing Components For Any Cleanroom Environment

1. Laminar Flow Work Stations

Our laminar flow work stations provide either vertical or horizontal air flow. They use HEPA or ULPA air filters to distribute contaminant-free air to all parts of your environmental room. This is especially helpful when conducting thorough assessments and delicate testing processes.

2. Pass-Thru Cabinets

These unique cabinets can be installed in any hardwall cleanroom surface. They feature interlocking doors on each side and allow items to enter the controlled space without the interruption of personnel or contaminated products.

3. Air Showers

Air showers remove stray particles from workers and testing products before they even enter the hardwall or softwall cleanroom. HEPA-filtered air is forced through a nozzle at a very high rate of speed. The contaminants are removed from the person or item in question and then captured in the air filtration system.

4. Airborne Particle Counters

Many independent agencies and companies wish to perform and oversee their own article counting procedures. Counting particles that are not visible to the human eye is a very precise and delicate process. Our airborne particle counters can count fragments that are as small as 0.1 micron in size.

5. Vinyl Curtains

Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and lengths, vinyl curtains offer a great advantage for any cleanroom space. They can divide a larger room into smaller rooms or make a clean environment even more protected from even the tiniest of foreign objects.

Consider Vernick & Associates your go-to source when your specific industry requires the above, or any other, cleanroom components. Contact our professional team at (216) 373-2330 for any questions, or for a free consultation.