One of the biggest challenges associated with cleanrooms is the unpredictability of situations: things that may seem small, but can affect and contaminate a cleanroom. Here is a list from our team at Vernick & Associates of several common cleanroom hazards to try to avoid.

Exposed Communication Devices

Sometimes workers must have a communication device in the cleanroom, including a phone, pager, or radio. If communication devices are necessary, it’s very important that they are never clipped to the outside of a worker’s coveralls, since it could fall off and cause contamination. Instead, there are cleanroom fanny packs that can be used.

Incorrect Flooring

It’s important that all equipment that the workers are using in the cleanroom are able to be securely grounded to the floor when the use of ESD carts, chairs, and shoe covers will be in play. If the wrong flooring is installed, you’re at risk for contamination. Make sure to ask a cleanroom installation professional about the correct flooring for your specific cleanroom requirements. 

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Adjusting Furniture and Equipment

Even the smallest movement, such as shuffling a chair, can cause contamination. Other cases of contamination have involved something as tiny as picking up a sterile glove to use. This is why it’s important for workers to keep movement to an absolute minimum while working inside the cleanroom. 

Uncovered Electrical Sockets

Always seal electrical sockets. If this isn’t done, it’s a big invitation for contamination. Even insects can crawl through. Electrical sockets should all be carefully sealed, just as people seal them when small children are around. 

Using Face Masks Incorrectly

The cleanroom can become contaminated by a worker wearing a face mask inside out. This is why it’s important that workers are properly trained to tell the difference and be mindful. The same goes for the coveralls: proper training can help workers avoid contamination. The arms and legs of coveralls should never hit the floor of the cleanroom.


There is no guarantee of a perfect, germ-free cleanroom—but our team at Vernick & Associates works hard to come as close as possible! Proper training of cleanroom workers and attention to detail will also help avoid these cleanroom hazards. Vernick & Associates provides custom-built cleanroom and controlled environment spaces to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, OH, and the surrounding Midwest regions. To learn more, contact us today, or call us at (216) 373-2330.