Is your medical building expanding within the next year? Odds are that you will need additional space in order to meet the needs of your growing medical practice. Modular offices from Vernick & Associates can help provide that much-needed space to better serve your community. Utilizing our modular building systems will be a valuable addition for the five applications listed below.

5 Applications for Modular Offices in the Healthcare Industry

1. Office Spaces

Consider adding modular offices for the staff in your medical care facility. It’s not only doctors that need space for documenting procedures, making private phone calls, or completing insurance paperwork. Your clinic may also need additional space for employees such as nurses, schedulers, medical assistants, and administration.

2. Consultation Rooms

When you find your surgical center lacking private space for consultations with patients or family members, consider the addition of a modular room. We can build any of our hardwall offices within a larger area, such as a waiting room, in order to maximize the limited space and provide privacy for your patients.

3. Laboratory Spaces

Many medical care facilities are now including laboratory services within their buildings. This allows patients to receive services such as blood draws and tests, laboratory screenings, drug and alcohol testing, and other medically necessary laboratory procedures.

4. X-Ray Rooms

Like laboratory facilities, X-ray services are now being offered in several community clinics as well as urgent care facilities. Having a modular room specifically set apart for radiology can increase the types of services you can provide for your patients. Many urgent care visits are related to accidents that may involve broken bones, sprained joints, and torn ligaments. Having the ability to diagnose those conditions right at your medical facility is a valuable service to your community.

5. Triage Areas

Expedite the admitting process with a separate triage area. Patients can be privately and swiftly evaluated with a modular space dedicated to the triage process. Many hospitals and clinics have found this to be a valuable addition to their out-patient services.

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